ELASTOSIL® Film 2030 250/xxx is a high-precision silicone film from cross-linked silicone rubber. The film shows a maximum thickness variation across the total width less than ±5%. The precision allows a constant electrical resistance and good comparative tracking resistance across a broad range of temperatures. The width is 250 mm and thickness is given in µm (xxx).


ELASTOSIL® Film has got the outstanding mechanical and physical properties of platinum cured silicone. - high and selectively gas and water vapor permeable - high temperature resistant and low temperature flexible - high dielectric strength combined with a high specific resistivity - optical transparent - constant mechanical and electrical properties over a wide range of temperatures and operating time - solvent free

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ELASTOSIL® Film can be processed by conventional technologies like die cutting, laser cutting or water jet cutting. It can be glued on a numerous of substrates with standard silicone adhesives. Silicone based conductive material is available.
- dielectric film in EAP applications for sensors<(>,<)> actuators and generators
- functional membranes
- optical layers/interlayers
- protective films
- functional packaging


ELASTOSIL® Film is available in a variety of thicknesses. Our standard portfolio offers film layers from 20 µm to 400 µm. Further thicknesses can be supplied upon request. The delivery takes place in rolls and sheets. Any form is delivered on a PET carrier. Dimensions of film roll stock: 10 m² ≙ 40 running meter x 250 mm 20 m² ≙ 80 running meter x 250 mm Roll stock has an inner diameter of 3``(≙ 7,62 cm) 1 space line Film sheets have the dimension 210 mm x 250 mm

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