POWERSIL® 600 A/B is a pourable, addition-curing, two-component silicone rubber that cures at room temperature to form soft products with high mechanical strength.


  •  castable RTV-2
  •  ready-to-use, two component system
  •  very easy to process due to its low viscosity
  •  excellent dielectric properties
  • best suitable for outdoor applications (UV & weathering resistance, excellent hydrophobic properties)

Spezifische Merkmale von POWERSIL® 600 A/B

  • kriechstromfest

Components A and B are delivered ready to use in drums of 20 and 200 litres capacity. They can be pumped by means of standard metering equipment from these drums and mixing in a static mixer straight into the mold. The mixing ratio is 9 : 1.


The extreme low viscosity and resulting high volumetric flow rate ensure consistent, void-free production at room temperature. Curing at room temperature results in very little inner mould pressure. Therefore POWERSIL® 600 A/B is suitable for the production of products with complex installation parts.


At room temperature, mixtures of A and B components have a pot life of at least 70 minutes.


POWERSIL® 600 A/B is also recommended for prototyping of products since no expensive machinery is needed for its processing.


Detailed information on processing of POWERSIL® 600 A/B is given in brochure “Processing RTV-2 Silicone Rubbers”.



The 'Best use before end' date of each batch is shown on the product label. Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.

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