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HTEssence® is the first nature-identical hydroxytyrosol. This bioactive compound is found in olives and is considered one of the most powerful antioxidants with numerous beneficial health effects. Because of the global trend towards a healthy lifestyle and disease prevention, hydroxytyrosol is seeing rapid growth in market demand, especially for dietary supplements, but also functional foods and cosmetics.

The Key Benefits of HTEssence® are:

  • Highly pure, well-defined product with consistent technical properties
  • Exceptional ORAC value of 45,000 μmolTE/g
  • Soluble in water
  • Continuous and reliable supply
  • Vegan

Benefit: Cardiovascular Health

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 17.5 million people die each year from cardiovascular disease (CVD), which accounts for 31% of all deaths worldwide. This makes CVD the world’s leading cause of death.

High levels of LDL-cholesterol are one main factor for the occurrence of coronary heart diseases (Figure 1). A recent human clinical study demonstrated a significant LDL cholesterol reduction through supplementation of HTEssence®.

Broad Variety of Health Effects for Various Applications

Due to its diverse modes of action, hydroxytyrosol is a popular ingredient in dietary supplements. Hydroxytyrosol has good bioavailability – the product is absorbed in the human body and, depending on the dose taken, is found in the blood stream.

  • Antioxidant Effects and Immune System Activation: neutralization of free radicals that can damage cells and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Bone Health: Stimulates the proliferation of bone-forming cells to prevent osteoporosis and
  • Muscle Health: May improve exercise capacity under excessive exercise conditions

With WACKER’s patented process, it is possible to synthesize a nature-identical hydroxytyrosol of superior purity, free of unwanted byproducts, and with a defined amount of active ingredient. Available as an odorless, water-soluble powder or as a highly pure liquid, the product is suitable for use in functional foods and dietary supplements, such as tablets, capsules, energy bars and functional beverages.

Benefit: Anti-aging

As we get older our skin gradually loses its elasticity. This is part of the skin’s natural aging process. However, there are a variety of factors that can cause the skin to start aging at an accelerated rate. The biggest contributors of this premature aging are free radicals, which are produced in our environment or in our body. Antioxidants provide protection against the effects of damaging free radicals on the cells in your body, including the skin.

Hydroxytyrosol is one of the strongest antioxidants found in nature. Therefore it can be used as an effective supplement to compensate for age-related deficits

Benefit: Skin Lightening

If hydroxytyrosol is taken as a supplement, it will help to raise the glutathione levels leading to a lighter skin pigmentation and the elimination of dark spots on the skin. It has been shown that hydroxytyrosol effectively increases glutathione levels within the cells. It is known that high glutathione levels are associated with high production of pheomelanin, which leads to a light pigmentation of the skin. At the same time the production of the dark pigment eumelanin is reduced.

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