Medical Silicone Adhesives

WACKER silicones satisfy the most stringent medical standards and offer unique processing advantages. Supplied in variable adhesive strengths and possessing properties that promote the healing process, SILPURAN® ® adhesives are more than just the perfect treatment for wounds and scars – they are also suitable for any applications requiring a secure bond, patient comfort and easy removal.


The coating process involves applying the silicone adhesive to the carrier using a doctor blade, slot die or similar tool.


The adhesive cures at room temperature, but the process can be accelerated by increasing the temperature up to 120°C.


After the silicone adhesive coating has been covered, packaging of the material composite can proceed.


  • Biocompatibility (e.g. USP Class VIand ISO 10993)
  • Silicones do not support microbial growth (due to their hydrophobicity)
  • Biodurability: low surface tension, thermal stability and chemical stability
  • Good resistance to a large number of solvents and chemicals
  • Sterilizable for single and repeated use (ethylene oxide)
  • Good weathering, UV and aging resistance
  • High transparency
  • Repositionable


  • Wound dressings
  • Fixing of wearables
  • Traditional wound care
  • Medical pressure-sensitive adhesive tapes / kinesiology tapes
  • Stoma care
  • Transdermal patches

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