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Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) for 2K Injection Molding

WACKER has vast experience with liquid silicone rubber (LSR) and its associated processing methods. Our liquid silicone rubber meets all relevant specifications, is ideal for use in 2K injection molding and has proved to be just as effective for manufacturing precision components as for the mass production of complex parts within narrow tolerances. Get the latest news:

The Future Lies in Hard/Soft Combinations

Liquid silicone rubber and high-performance plastics make the perfect combination for manufacturing sophisticated products used in various industrial applications. These hard/soft combinations are becoming particularly popular in the automotive, electronics, hygiene and medical engineering sectors, where the ever stricter strength requirements cannot be met with conventional technologies.

In anticipation of this growing trend, WACKER developed its ELASTOSIL® LR series of self-adhesive liquid silicone rubbers. Our versatile product range for combination with not only engineering plastics, but also metals, glass etc., offers the answer to all of your challenges. Multicomponent injection molding opens up completely new options for design engineers and product designers.

Benefits of an ELASTOSIL® LR soft component:

  • Very good heat stability up to 180 °C: no melting or creeping
  • Low-temperature flexibility: down to -50 °C
  • Chemical resistance: for use as seals in coolants, hot water, engine oils, etc.
  • Aging resistance: to UV, heat, x-rays
  • Unlimited pigmentability
  • Low compression set compared with TPEs
  • Medical grades available
  • No toxic combustion products
  • Excellent environmental compatibility
  • Free from plasticizers

Advantages of two-component injection molding:

  • Improved productivity
    • No assembly
    • Readily automated
  • Efficient process control
    • Short cycle times
    • Parts do not require secondary finishing
    • High process reliability
  • Top quality: Less risk of damage during production
  • Simplified logistics
    • One article drawing
    • One processor
    • One quality control
    • One article number

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