Sponsorship and contribution Guidelines

WACKER North America

Contributions will be considered for nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations with an emphasis on education (science and technology), environment and technology. Sponsorship and contribution requests are considered by a diverse committee of WACKER POLYSILICON representatives that meets semi-annually.

Application Process

Requests for contributions or sponsorships must be submitted electronically. Your request should include:

  • Evidence of tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • Amount of funds requested
  • Description of intended use of requested funds, who will benefit and how they will benefit
  • Overall budget of related program
  • Description of how the organization will measure results and report outcome of the use of funds being requested

Contribution Focus Areas

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We know that the leaders of tomorrow and our future employees are being created by the educational environment today. WACKER POLYSILICON’s support for public education emphasizes learning activities associated with science, technology and mathematics, programs that encourage students to stay in school and develop their full potential, and those that improve workforce skills. Initiatives for disadvantaged young people in Tennessee may be considered.

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We believe in stewardship of Tennessee’s natural resources, and protecting the water and air quality of our state. WACKER POLYSILICON supports programs that:

  • Protect air, land and water resources
  • Preserve natural resources
  • Teach environmental stewardship to children and adults
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WACKER supports the activities of organizations devoted to promoting the growth of technology and innovation in the Tennessee Valley.


The Corporate Contributions Program does not support:

  • Individuals
  • Event sponsorships*
  • Religious, fraternal, service and veteran organizations except for non-sectarian social service activities available to the broader community
  • Those with a purpose that is solely athletic in nature
  • Organizations linked to a particular health problem

* The committee will consider event sponsorships if the goal of the event is to raise awareness or support in the areas of technology, education or the environment.

Only one solicitation from an organization will be processed during each calendar year.