VINNEX® LA 8040 is a solid, thermoplastic polymer granulate. The colorless, semi-transparent polymer is based on vinyl acetate/vinyl laurate copolymer and polylactic acid. It is designed as an additive for the application in biodegradable plastic formulations.


VINNEX® LA 8040 provides the following advantages to processing of biodegradable plastics (PLA:, PBAT, starch,):

  • Processing of biopolyesters on conventional thermoplastic equipment.
  • Blending of biopolyesters with each other, easy homogenazation.
  • Increased organic or inorganic filler/fiber content without hardly sacrificing performance.

  • Improved performance and final product properties.
  • Improved processing and increased process speed, especially in 3D printing, film processing, injection molding and extrusion applications.
  • Reduces metallic noise of PLA



VINNEX® LA 8040 is recommended for modification of biodegradable polymers and compounds or their blending with natural or mineral fillers and fibres in dry mix applications.


VINNEX® LA 8040 can be mixed with the other solid raw materials of the bioplastic formulation.

Product data:

Melt viscosity, 100% Polymer, capillary viscometer:


170°C   100 [1/s]               ~320 Pa.s

190°C   100 [1/s]               ~210 Pa.s


If the product is used in applications other than those mentioned, the choice, processing and use of it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All legal and other regulations must be complied with.

Slight color variations of the polymer granulate may occure without impairing the product's functionality.


20 kg Alumina laminated bags.


VINNEX® LA 8040 should not be stored at temperatures above 30°C in order to prevent caking. Storage conditions must be dry; material must be protected from direct sun exposure.

Under these conditions the product has a shelf life of at least 12 months. If the product is kept for longer than that, it can still be used, but users are advised, in this case, to check the properties required for the intended use.

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