ETONIS® 3500 W (GER)

ETONIS® 3500 W is suitable for modifying concrete, specialty mortar and cementitious coatings for infrastructure products, in particular for shotcrete applications in underground construction, tunneling and mining. ETONIS® 3500 W is a polymer powder with a low glass transition temperature (Tg). remains flexible down to temperatures below freezing and is suitable for end products with low emissions. 


ETONIS® 3500 W makes fresh concrete easier to process and pump because it reduces the frictional forces between cement and aggregates.
It significantly reduces spray rebound while greatly improving adhesion to all substrates, particularly wet surfaces. Concrete modified with ETONIS® 3500 W produces very little dust, especially during dry spraying. The cohesive properties of ETONIS® 3500 W increase the sedimentation stability of concrete and specialty mortars, reducing bleeding and segregation.
ETONIS® 3500 W has a plasticizing effect and reduces the water/cement ratio without compromising the concrete's workability.
In hardened concrete, ETONIS® 3500 W improves adhesion, enhances flexural strength, reduces the modulus of elasticity (imparting flexibility) and increases abrasion resistance. It does not impair the concrete's high ultimate strength. Concrete modified with ETONIS® 3500 W seals against pressing water, shows enhanced carbonation resistance and prevents the ingress of aggressive media into the mix. In combination with suitable foam-control agents, ETONIS® 3500 W also increases compressive and flexural strength.


25 kg paper bags.
Other sizes on request.


During storage, protect the product from contact with moisture. Prolonged storage at temperatures above 30 °C, especially in combination with pressure, humidity or exposure to sunlight, may result in blocking. Carefully seal any open containers and store them under suitable conditions. We recommend storing the product in a warehouse that provides cool and dry conditions. Do not store the product for more than six months, starting from the date at which it was received, unless the Certificate of Analysis contains a different date, which would take precedence. If the product is stored longer than recommended, it may still be used but users are advised to verify the properties required for the intended use.

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