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At login4more.wacker.com, WACKER reveals new ways to communicate, share information and collaborate.

With just a single login, you can manage your business processes securely and efficiently using our customer portal. Login4More is a personalized service provided by WACKER and tailored to your exact needs. Its contents and functionality are customized to your requirements.

Login4More - Products


Under “Products,” you’ll find our product search function – which we will tailor to suit your individual needs.

Thus, you profit from product information not available via the internet.

Of course, you can also download relevant data sheets here.

Login4More - Buy Online


The purchasing area gives you access to information on every aspect of your current orders and order history.

In addition to procurement reports, you can view and change your current orders, check their status, sort/classify outstanding invoices and download procurement-related documents.

Moreover, the ‘Purchasing’ area provides access to continually updated data sheets on the products you’ve purchased.

Login4More - Collaboration

Projects & Documents

The ‘Projects & Documents’ area bundles useful product information and helpful tools to facilitate collaborations beyond corporate boundaries.

The tools, for example, let you modify and manage documents, plan tasks and projects, and participate in discussion forums.

Take advantage of the latest in collaboration tools – contact your WACKER representative today.


E-Business: e-business@wacker.com


Login4more.wacker.com and mySiltronic.com enables you to efficiently manage your business processes and collaborate in a secure area - all with a single sign-on.