WACKER SilGel® - Wacker Chemie AG


The Specialist for Sensitive Devices

The brand name WACKER SilGel®speaks for itself: it describes highly transparent silicone rubber compounds that cure to form silicone gels. What makes WACKER SilGel®products so special, is their extremely low viscosity and pronounced inherent tack – this can even render a primer or adhesion promoter superfluous. The product range also has excellent damping properties.

WACKER SilGel®products are addition-curing RTV-2-silicone elastomers that cure both at room temperature and at higher temperatures.

WACKER SilGel®products are used in casting processes, can be fully automatically processed in mixing and metering units, and are therefore ideal for efficient mass production. The specific silicone gels are ideal for encapsulating extremely sensitive electronic devices, thus effectively protecting them from external influences. Such as extreme temperature fluctuations or strong vibrations.

For optical applications, especially in photovoltaics, WACKER SilGel®silicone elastomers are especially useful due to their transparency in the visible light spectrum.