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VINNOL® resins are available in three major product categories that are fully compatible with each other.

VINNOL® Surface Coating Resins without Functional Groups:

Copolymers of vinyl chloride and vinyl acetate. They are available in different molar compositions and a broad molecular weight range.

VINNOL® Surface Coating Resins with Carboxyl Groups:

Terpolymers of vinyl chloride, vinyl acetate and dicarbolyxic acids identifed by an “M“ in the product name. For excellent adhesion, particularly to metal substrates, and also to mineral substrates.

VINNOL® Surface Coating Resins with Hydroxyl Groups:

Available in two different product types:

  • VINNOL® E/A: co- and terpolymers of vinyl chloride, hydroxy acrylate and, in the case of VINNOL® E 22/48 A, dicarboxylic acid ester.