Polysilicium - Wacker Chemie AG


The photovoltaic and semiconductor industries are highly promising markets with high growth potential.

Hyperpure polysilicon is an essential raw material to these sectors. WACKER was an early pioneer of this exceptionally pure material and is currently one of its leading producers worldwide. By pure, we mean that for every 10 billion silicon atoms, you will find no more than one potentially damaging foreign atom. No other metal in the world is produced on an industrial scale with such purity.

Of all the ways to produce energy, photovoltaics or solar energy has the steepest cost-reduction curve. At the same time, the cost of generating electricity using photovoltaic technology is being driven going down by the continuous improvement in solar cell efficiency and ever lowering manufacturing costs. These can be achieved only by top quality silicon and a product portfolio that has been tailored to the needs of the customer.

WACKER provides the solar and semiconductor industries with a complete spectrum of polysilicon products specifically customized to each customers needs and market requirements. All the while, environmental, health and safety concerns are given highest priority. Our integrated quality management system (certified to ISO 9001 and 14001 as well as OHRIS) sees to it that we comply with these. This ensures that our customers receive premium quality during the entire process – from individual counseling on polysilicon production to timely delivery and specific follow-up support.

In addition to quality, reliable planning for the long term is important to our customers. For this reason, WACKER uses the same sustainable standards to produce hyperpure polysilicon at three different sites. In highly integrated material loops, manufacturing byproducts are reprocessed and then reused as basic materials in the value chain. That lowers costs, conserves resources, strengthens the competitiveness of our polysilicon production and increases our customers' supply security.