GENIOSIL® STP-E - Wacker Chemie AG


Hybrid Polymers that Set New Standards

The future belongs to adhesives and sealants that offer the combination of strength and elasticity needed for a broad range of challenging applications. To meet the needs of this product class, WACKER has developed innovative hybrid polymers: GENIOSIL® STP-E:

The silane-modified polyethers meet all the requirements, both technical and ecological, that are made of modern adhesives and sealants. These hybrid binders can be used to formulate adhesives and sealants with no health risks from solvents, isocyanates or tin, and which therefore meet the requirements of the future.

Their low viscosity makes them easy to process and permits a wide tolerance for formulating adhesives and sealants with outstanding mechanical properties. Because of the high curing rate, the end products cure rapidly and completely. Moreover, they bond well without primer and can be easily painted.

Whether for industrial applications, DIY or the building trade, for bonding, grouting or sealing, GENIOSIL® STP-E hybrid polymers permit the formulation of adhesives and sealants that possess the properties that the market demands.