Release Coatings

We use them over and over again every day with barely a second thought: release coatings. Why do band-aids stick to the skin but not to the backing paper? And why do candies cleave firmly to our palates but not to the wrappers?

The answer: DEHESIVE® release coatings from WACKER. They are the reason that the vast number of papers and films we use everyday adhere only where they are meant to and where it is safe to do so. Which makes them easier, safer, more hygienic and faster to use. WACKER has a DEHESIVE® product to suit nearly every application, each one tailored to meet a specific requirement: from papers to hygiene articles to adhesive tapes to graphics items and many more besides.

What’s more, we supply DEHESIVE® in different forms for processing and use – solvent-free, solvent-borne, and emulsion – ensuring perfect results every time. Thanks to their different properties, optimum processing and compliance with legal regulations are guaranteed.

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