Antifoams & Flowing Agents

Free from Processing Problems

Our high-quality products ensure smooth processing and improved product quality in specific applications in the food and beverage industry.

Uncontrolled foaming in the food-processing industry disrupts the manufacturing process and leads to loss of quality. The cause is mostly surface-active substances such as proteins, fatty acids, and sugar, and these need to be brought under control.

WACKER SILICONES has the answer to these very problems: the SILFOAM® and SILFAR® lines of antifoam agents, which have been specially developed and continuously optimized for the food-processing industry.

Our product range ensures that that your processes run smoothly and that you get the outcomes you desire, whether in the beverages industry, alcohol distillation, the production of deep-frozen foods, deep-frying oils, gelatin or fruit conservation and vegetable washing.

Our antifoam agents SILFAR® and SILFOAM® are available as highly pure silicone fluids, as highly efficient compounds, or as antifoam emulsions specially tailored to water-based applications. As food additives and for food contact. Naturally, our additives comply with the latest legal requirements and are subjected to the most stringent quality controls – so that you can keep producing safe foods.

Pyrogenic silica HDK® is a highly pure silicon dioxide with many practical applications as food additives. It is often used as a free-flow agent in powders and seasonings. Powdery foods formulated with HDK® do not form lumps or cake during storage. HDK® is an effective thickener in liquid products such as oils and marinades.

HDK® is the ideal thixotropic agent for vegetable oil sprays for baking and cooking. HDK® can be used as a grinding aid for processing food additives, such as phosphates.