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Self-Leveling Compounds

With VINNAPAS® F and L products, WACKER offers two specalized binder classes for self-leveling compounds. Both classes comprise vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) grades which comply with the requirements of European ecolabels such as Blue Angel, Emicode EC1 Plus, etc.

VINNAPAS® L Class polymer powders improve mechanical as well as flow properties and achieve very smooth, blemish-free surfaces when used in combination with synthetic superplasticizers and Casein. They also reduce surface bleeding and segregation.

VINNAPAS® F Class polymer powders act as binders and superplasticizers. The required rheology for hand-applied and pumpable compounds can be adjusted by choosing the right F Class grades.


  • Increased adhesion to different substrates
  • Improved compressive and flexural strength
  • Better abrasion resistance
  • Increased tensile strength and deformation capability
  • Enhanced flow and self-leveling properties
  • Defoaming properties
  • Stabilization against bleeding and sedimentation

Application Spectrum

  • Fine smoothing compounds and thick-layer leveling screeds
  • Self-leveling under- and overlayments
  • Pumpable and hand-applied compounds
  • Cementitious and gypsum-based formulations
  • Industrial and residential applications