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The Benefits of Silicone Gel Adhesives Are Evident: High Adhesion, Painless Removal, No Residue

Learn more about the impressive results from the study regarding the wear time of wound dressings with standard versus high adhesion silicone gel adhesives. You can now download the white paper free of charge.

The Gold Standard in Modern Wound Care: WACKER’s Silicone Gel Adhesives

Wound dressings are increasingly coated with silicone gels, such as WACKER’s standard adhesive SILPURAN® 2100. And for good reason: they are comfortable to wear even for long periods and can be removed painlessly without leaving a residue. Now we’ve gone a step further and examined whether these beneficial properties also apply to the very high adhesion WACKER silicone gel SILPURAN® 2114. Or should we say: whether they apply now more than ever.

The Three Main Findings of the Study

  • Foam dressings coated with the silicone gel SILPURAN® 2114 showed 90 percent adhesion to the skin even after 7 days’ wear. The adhesion level is thus more than a quarter higher than that of the standard adhesive SILPURAN® 2100.
  • The study also confirms that wound dressings with the higher strength silicone gel adhesive can be removed virtually painlessly, with no significant residue.
  • The higher adhesive strength of SILPURAN® 2114 allows thinner coating thicknesses. This not only saves money in production, but also opens up new possible applications such as thin, pleasantly soft tapes for premature babies, for example.

This means that, in the future, even more patients and users will be able to profit from the skin-friendly and wound-healing supporting properties of WACKER silicone gels.

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