Vacation jobs

Do you want to gain some work experience and earn money at the same time? Then why not take a vacation job at WACKER?

We offer you vacation positions between June and September, provided that you are over 18, enrolled at a school or university or are in the interim phase between leaving school and starting your education at a college or university.

The duration of employment at WACKER is determined on a case-by-case basis. You will be compensated according to the applicable tariff and company policies.

The duration of employment results from the operational requirements.
The following minimum employment periods are valid.

  • day shift:
    4 weeks or 6 weeks
  • shift-work:
    6 to 8 weeks (preferably 6 weeks)

We can offer you the following locations

in Saxony:

  • Nünchritz:
    Primarily in production and related areas

in Bavaria:

  • Burghausen:
    in production and related areas
  • Munich:
    in logistics area

Applications 2021

The deadline for Burghausen and Munich is over. The deadline for Nünchritz applications has been extended and ends 31th May 2021.

Preferred start dates for your vacation job are:

  • Monday, 5th July, 2021
  • Monday, 26th July, 2021
  • Monday, 9th August, 2021

In order to be able to check your application documents for as many job requirements as possible, we kindly ask you to tell us the widest possible and flexible period as well as the maximum length of time for your vacation job.
We kindly ask you for some patience after your application.

From May 2021, considering the current economic situation, commitments will be sent step by step in time for the planned development period.