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Other Silicone Specialties

The popularity of silicones rests with their many extraordinary qualities, such as their lubricating effects, their unique tactile properties, their resistance to temperature extremes, and much more. Combining these properties and putting them to strategic use with organic target systems opens up new, innovative applications. It follows that polymers can be developed that have characteristics tailored to your specific needs and that unlock groundbreaking opportunities. Specialty silicones from WACKER are hallmarked by their outstanding compatibility with target systems and by the tremendous value that they deliver as a result.

Silicone additives & Silicone modifiers

Companies in the plastics industry take advantage of the versatility of silicones – especially in the field of thermoplastic compounding. One example here is GENIOPLAST®, which comes in an easily dispensable pellet form for use as an additive to optimize both the manufacturing process and the end product.

More information on GENIOPLAST® brand products

GENIOPERL® specialty silicones lend the properties of silicones to certain polymer resins, where, in addition to acting as impact modifiers, they are also used for modifying surface characteristics. Easy to process and highly compatible with select matrix systems, these products form structures ranging in size from nanometers to micrometers, thereby optimizing the systems’ final properties.

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