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GENIOPLAST® from WACKER are silicone-based additives and production aids for both standard thermoplastics and engineering plastics. GENIOPLAST® pellets and GENIOPLAST® additives for wood plastic composites (WPCs) enhance processes and products in the melt-processing industry.

GENIOPLAST® Pellets consist of a combination of high-viscosity silicone gum and a specially tailored silica. Their specific chemical structure renders them compatible with all thermoplastics and one single silicone additive can enhance a huge variety of compounds. Thus, key mechanical properties such as elongation at break and impact strength (especially in mineral-filled compounds) are greatly enhanced, while other important mechanical properties such as hardness, heat resistance and tensile strength are unaffected.


  • Prevention of die drool
  • Reduced nozzle pressure and torque
  • Improved melt flow and optimized costs due to enhanced the process.
  • Increased scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Reduction in coefficient of friction
  • Improved tactile properties
  • Suitable for food contact (GENIOPLAST® Pellet P Plus)


  • Modification of plastics
  • Applications involving food contact


  • Plastics industry
  • Compounders, masterbatch producers


  • Faster, more economical production: The silicone content boosts throughput, speeds up production and lowers the energy requirement by reducing internal and external friction. Formulation costs sink too: these effects require just 1 - 2 % GENIOPLAST® Additive instead of the usual 2 – 6 % wax or stearate.
  • Higher-quality end product: Improved modulus of elasticity and flexural strength combined with reduced water absorption.


  • Masterbatch for polypropylene (PP) - GENIOPLAST® PP 20A08


  • Plastics industry
  • Compounders