DEHESIVE® PSA 825 L is a solvent-based, addition-curing Silicone Pressure Sensitive Adhesive intended in particularly for coating on films but also for other substrates.


  • Low and stable adhesion force
  • Great adhesion force control together with tight adhesion force PSA
  • Excellent cure performance even at lower temperature
  • High flexibility
  • Good resistance to moisture, weathering and aging
  • Excellent wetting performance

DEHESIVE® PSA 825 L的特殊性能

  • 溶剂型

DEHESIVE® PSA 825 L is a general purpose Silicone PSA for low adhesion level.

In combination with DEHESIVE® PSA 845 T or DEHESIVE® PSA 847 M, the adhesion force can be adjusted to higher levels.


DEHESIVE® PSA 825 L is a thermal-curing system that cures at a web temperature of 90 – 200 °C.

The cure speed depends on formulation (e.g. the amount of Pt-catalyst, type of substrate, setting temperature and effectiveness of the oven).

DEHESIVE® PSA 825 L can be diluted in solvent such as toluene or mixture of toluene/ethyl acetate or toluene/MEK.

The addition of ~1% (w/w) Catalyst PT 5 is required for DEHESIVE® PSA 825 L.

Adhesion promoter can be added to the formulation in case of anchorage performance has to be improved.

Care must be taken to ensure the absence of catalyst poisons in the system. Common poisons are organotin compounds, sulfur compounds (a common source are rolls that have been vulcanized with sulfur), amines, acid amides, zinc stearate and phosphates.

The quality of the coating compound can be ensured by using clean vessels of stainless steel, enamel, plastic or glass to prepare the batch.

Batches of coating compound must be prepared in the order given below.

1. First pour in DEHESIVE® PSA 825 L

2. Add DEHESIVE® PSA 845 T or DEHESIVE® PSA 847 M (optionally)

3. Add solvent and stir slowly until the mixture is homogeneous

4. Add Adhesion Promoter (optionally)

5. Slowly stir in catalyst (local over-concentrations must be avoided)


The 'Best use before end' date of each batch is shown on the product label.

Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable.

In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.


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