POWERSIL® 79032 is an electrically conductive silicone rubber dispersion in Xylene. POWERSIL® 79032 can be used as conductive coating and adhesion promoting primer. POWERSIL® 79032 comes ready-to-use as a 1-component system.


  •  low volume resistivity
  •  adhesion promoting primer
  •  ready-to-use
  •  suitable for various coating techniques like dipping,  brushing or spraying
  •  cable accessories
  •  electrodes
  •  deflectors
  •  adhesion promoter for moulding RTV-2/LSR onto conductive silicone rubber

After stiring up POWERSIL® 79032 is ready-to-use. At room temperature the pot life is at least several weeks.

Surfaces to be treated should be dry and free of grease, oil and other contaminants. For cleaning chemically pure solvents e. g. acetone can be used. The dispersion of POWERSIL® 79032 can be applied by dipping, spraying and with a brush.

For electrically conductive coatings we recommend a curing – after air drying for approx. 5 min at room temperature – of at least 30 min at 150 °C.

POWERSIL® 79032 can also be used as adhesion primer for overmoulding parts made from conductive silicone rubber with RTV-2/LSR silicone rubbers.

For adhesion promoting (e. g. for deflectors) POWERSIL® 79032 should be vulcanized – after air drying for approx. 5 min at room temperature – for 20 min at 140 – 150 °C in a circulating air oven. Normally for this application POWERSIL® 79032 is diluted in a 1 : 1 ratio with Xylene. Casting with a RTV-2/LSR silicone rubber should take place at the latest after 24 h. It appeared that the adhesion after heat vulcanization (e. g. 100 °C) mostly is better than after room temperature curing.

By dilution with chemical pure Xylene up to a ratio from 1 : 1 any desired mixing-viscosity (> 500 mPa s) can be adjusted. As a general rule the individual processing conditions must be optimized for the specific application.

Various substances can poison the platinum catalyst and delay vulcanization or, in extreme cases, prevent it entirely.

Particularly critical catalyst poisons are: Sulphur, polysulfides, polysulfones and compounds containing sulfphur, such as natural and synthetic rubber. Amines, urethanes and substrates containing amines, such as polyurethanes, epoxy resins etc.

Organometallic compounds, especially organo-tin, and substances containing such compounds. Sticky areas are signs of inhibition.

For detailed information, refer to brochures on www.wacker.com.


The 'Best use before end' date of each batch is shown on the product label.

Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.


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