ELASTOSIL® AUX G 3246 solvent-based mixture of siloxanes and reactive silanes used as adhesion promoter for silicone rubbers


  • Provides excellent adhesion onto various substrates.
  • Solvent based
  • Various application methods (e.g. coating, dipping, brushing, spraying)
  • Further dilution in organic solvents possible

ELASTOSIL® AUX G 3246的特殊性能

  • 增粘底涂
  • 溶剂型
  • 通用型

ELASTOSIL® AUX G 3246 is a solution of a siloxanes and reactive silanes in organic solvents. It is used to pretreat metallic, ceramic, glass or other polymeric substrate surfaces to enable excellent adhesion towards subsequently vulcanized ELASTOSIL® R solid silicone elastomers (HCR/HTV, peroxide curing).


After the solvents have evaporated, a rigid film of silicone resin is formed on exposure to atmospheric humidity. The primer film adheres firmly to a large variety of substrates and serves as adhesion promoter for subsequently applied silicone rubbers.


It is recommended to clean all substrate surfaces with solvents (e.g. white spirits followed by ethanol or acetone) prior to the application of ELASTOSIL® AUX G 3246 . The primer may be applied directly or in diluted form with a variety of application methods (e.g. coating, dipping, brushing or spraying). It is recommended to stir the primer thoroughly before application.


The resulting primer layer should be as thin as possible. Usually the best results can be achieved with a primer layer between 1 an 10 µm thickness, corresponding to a coating weight of 5 to 50 g/m². If the primer needs to be diluted, organic solvents like white spirits or ISOPAR® E can be used in a ratio of up to 1:10.
If a visual control of the applicated primer layer is desired, it is possible to add a red color concentrate to the primer. Please get in touch with your technical or sales contact at WACKER for further information.


After application of the primer, the solvent should be evaporated at room temperature and moderate atmospheric humidity for at least 2 hours to allow for the formation of a consistent primer film. It is recommended to apply the silicone rubber soon afterwards, but not later than 2 days. In some cases the adhesion can be improved by heating the primered substrate after evaporation of the solvents to 100-150°C for up to one hour.

It is important to note that in some cases the initial adhesion will be sufficient for handling while the maximum adhesive strength will be achieved after a few days.


When adhesion of silicone elastomers onto very smooth substrates has to be achieved it is recommended to roughen the surface by grinding or blast cleaning. In case of metals the substrate should be given several hours time to regenerate its oxygen layer before applying ELASTOSIL® AUX G 3246 .

Since adhesion is determined by the nature of the substrate, the applied silicone elastomer and the processing parameters, proper trials are absolutely necessary


For detailed information please refer to the latest edition of our brochure "SOLID AND LIQUID SILICONE RUBBER - MATERIAL AND PROCESSING GUIDELINES".


This product is available in 0.8 kg bottles, 20 kg pails and 150 kg drums.


Important Note: ELASTOSIL® AUX G 3246 is sensitive towards humidity. In contact with moisture the liquid primer becomes turbid and the adhesive strength of the primer is impaired.

ELASTOSIL® AUX G 3246 should therefore be stored in a sealed container after usage. In addition, it is strongly recommended to stir or shake the primer thoroughly before applying.


The 'Best use before end' date of each batch is shown on the product label. Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.


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