Chloroacetaldehyde 45 % Solution (CLACH)

$Chloroacetaldehyde 45 % Solution (CLACH)

Clear, colourless to slightly yellow, skin irritating liquid with a pungent odour

  • CAS编号 107-20-0
  • 实验式 C2H3ClO
  • 分子量 78.5


  • 45.0% aqueous solution
  • Transportation between 15 °- 40 °C
  • One of the largest producers worldwide
  • Lead time: campaign production, several tons usually held in stock
  • Scale: >500 MT
  • Backward integration to VAM and chlorine
  • Storage stability: 12 months
  • REACH: SCC (handling as intermediate under strictly controlled conditions)



  • Building block for heterocycles (e.g. furanes, thiazoles, thiophenes, 1,2,3-thiadizoles, pyranes, 1,3,5-triazines)
  • Building block for amino acids (Cysteine, Serine)
  • Building block for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals (e.g. Sulfathiazole, Sulfamethoxydiazine, Tolmetin etc.)
  • Building block for pesticides (e.g. Fenfuram, Thidiazuron)
  • For synthesis of dyes



Drum with PE-inner liner 205l (230 kg net)


Storage stability for at least:
12 months
Further information for storage:
Keep in the original container in a cool well ventilated place. Store in a cool, temperature regulated location. Protect from heat. Keep container dry and tightly closed.

Conditions for storage rooms and vessels: Store under protective gas. Identify sites and escape routes by suitable signs. Unsuitable material for storage containers, casks and pipelines: light metals and their alloys , iron , steel , zinc . Suitable material for storage containerts, casks and pipelines: glass , enamel , titanium . Test the suitability of materials for
storage vessels, containers and piping.

Minimum temperature allowed during storage and
transportation: 15 °C
Maximum temperature allowed during storage and
transportation: 30 °C
Temperature limit based on safety considerations. A brief increase in temperature to max. 40 ° C does not affect the quality.

Storage beyond the recommended period does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.


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