SILFOAM® SC 1132 is an opaque, viscous, anhydrous compound that is effective against a wide range of surfactants.


SILFOAM® SC 1132的特殊性能

  • 混合物

SILFOAM® SC 1132 is based on high-molecular polysiloxanes and has a mean viscosity of 30.000 mPas at 25°C. Even in small amounts it is highly effective in suppressing foam in detergents and systems with high surfactant content. SILFOAM® SC 1132 can be used for the production of antifoam powders for post-addition to powder detergents as foam suppressor.

SILFOAM® SC 1132 is an excellent defoamer for structured liquid detergents and it is a good deaerating agent and defoaming agent for gel products.

SILFOAM® SC 1132 can be also used for slurry deaeration.



SILFOAM® SC 1132 can be processed to powder antifoams by various techniques: spray drying, spray mixing or adsorption. The resultant powders with an active content of 5-15% can be added to the final powder detergent in amounts of 0.5-2%.

SILFOAM® SC 1132 can be used in small amounts for slurry deaerating in spraying processes, where the slurry should be free of air in the crutcher, storage tank and in the slurry pipes to the spray tower.  SILFOAM® SC 1132 should be metered into the crutcher (traditional soap mixer).

SILFOAM® SC 1132 can be used as defoamer in structured liquid detergents and gel products if dispersibility and compatibility are adequate. This can be tested in preliminary dispersibility and compatibility tests.

If SILFOAM® SC 1132 is not found to be sufficiently dispersible or compatible, we can recommend highly active derivatives with greater hydrophilicity such as SILFOAM® SE 36 and SILFOAM® SE 39 or the self-dispersing, anhydrous derivative SILFOAM® SD 168.

Recommend dosages:

  • powder detergent: ca. 0.1 - 0.5%
  • slurry deaeration: ca. 0.05%


Further information for storage: Store in a dry and cool place. After storage of SILFOAM® SC 1132 an increased viscosity might be noticed. This product typical behavior can be reverted by agitation and/or slight temperature increase.

The 'Best use before end' date of each batch is shown on the product label.

Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.


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