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Coconut-Milk Powder

Free from Sodium Caseinate

Because of its emulsifying properties, sodium caseinate is added to coconut-milk powders to give them a stable, creamy-milky consistency when combined with water. However, caseinates represent an unstable cost factor in coconut-milk powders because of their dependence on milk as raw material. The industry has therefore long been looking for a suitable replacement. With CAVAMAX® W6, WACKER offers a solution that not only reduces costs but also improves the product's properties.

CAVAMAX® W6 is an emulsifying soluble dietary fiber with outstanding characteristics in coconut-milk powder products. It improves the stability of the product obtained from coconut-milk powder and water, while giving it a creaminess typical of caseinate. In addition, CAVAMAX® W6 stabilizes aromas, and can therefore protect the volatile coconut aromas during spray drying.

CAVAMAX® W6 is very convenient to use in the production process: only part (generally up to 50%, though occasionally more) of the sodium caseinate in the formulation is replaced with the appropriate amount of CAVAMAX® W6. All the formulation and process steps, such as emulsification, homogenization, pasteurization and spray drying, remain the same.

Unlike sodium caseinate, CAVAMAX® W6 is not subject to such drastic fluctuations in raw material prices, and is therefore an attractive alternative from the point of view of costs, too.

CAVAMAX® W6 is a naturally occurring, starch-based carbohydrate that is non-allergenic and belongs to the group of dietary fibers.


  • Easy formulation
  • No additional process steps needed
  • Pleasant, creamy mouthfeel
  • Improved stability, no separation of the coconut-milk emulsion
  • Cost saving

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