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Ethical Principles

Our principles of corporate ethics

Our ethical principles are our company’s business framework. Embedded in five codes, they govern how we should achieve our corporate goals. These codes are supplemented by a body of regulations and directives.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct contains our principles for dealing with business partners and third parties. It also governs the handling of information, confidentiality and data protection, the prevention of money laundering, and the separation of personal and business interests.

Code of Innovation

The Code of Innovation specifies our principles concerning research and development, partnerships, patents and innovation management.

Code of Teamwork & Leadership

The Code of Teamwork & Leadership outlines our understanding of teamwork and leadership. Key aspects here include trust and esteem, motivation and success, recognition and development, teamwork and equal opportunity, work­life balance and the positive example set by managerial employees.

Code of Safety

The Code of Safety defines our safety culture and sets safety guidelines for workplaces, facilities, and products and their transport.

Code of Sustainability

The Code of Sustainability lists principles for sustainability to be adhered to by R&D, procurement and logistics, production and products, and describes our commitment to society. In addition, sustainable corporate management at WACKER is based on two voluntary, global initiatives: the chemical industry’s Responsible Care® initiative and the UN’s Global Compact. Further information is available under Sustainability.