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WACKER is a globally active chemical company with more than a hundred year’s history. We are a leader in polysilicon, polymers, silicones and specialty chemicals. In Southeast Asia, WACKER has been active since 1984.

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WACKER Square Room

As with WACKER’s new communication channel the WACKER Square App, the WACKER Square Room offers interactive digital communication tools for visitors to experience the wide diversity of WACKER products.

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The opening of the new WACKER Square Room, which WACKER ACADEMY uses for its training and professional development program, sets new standards for service, consulting and knowledge transfer.

WACKER caters to the local needs of the southeast Asian market by focusing on the construction, food, electronics, textiles, automotive and health care industries. We have always invested heavily in the development of new products. At the same time, our process engineers continually enhance existing processes to boost their efficiency and economics.

It makes no difference whether you purchase WACKER products in Germany or Southeast Asia. All of them are made to precisely the same standards throughout the world. Our technical centers in Singapore and Jakarta are part of this endeavor. The WACKER ACADEMY Singapore supports our customers by fostering dialog between experts and colleagues.

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Statement from Danielle Moore, Managing Director SEA

Danielle Moore

Southeast Asia is a vibrant and culturally diverse region – it is estimated that a thousand languages are found here! With a population of over 650 million people and a rich history of trading and entrepreneurialism, the region offers tremendous market potential. With this diversity of geography, culture and fragmented markets it is vital to have a strong presence locally, access to a network of regional and global supply chains, and a strong understanding of the area’s markets and commercial needs.

WACKER has been active in Southeast Asia since 1984, with offices in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and Myanmar, and with local experts who speak your language and know your markets.

In Singapore and Indonesia our advanced technical centers for Silicones and Polymers can support you to succeed in new markets, with a focus on quality, performance and sustainability. Our local engineers are always ready to provide technical expertise and advice, and to work together with you in order to optimize your products and applications. No matter the market, we aim to offer to support your innovation by bringing our knowledge and expertise gathered through many years of global research and development.

Discover the excellence of working with a global technology leader in the chemical industry. We will be delighted to provide you with innovative products and solutions.

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