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An All-Rounder for Countless Applications

Silicone rubbers consist essentially of silicone polymers and fillers. They cure at high temperature (HTV/LSR grades) or room temperature (RTV grades) with suitable reactants, forming a three-dimensional structure and transforming the uncured compound in a plastic state into an elastomeric rubber

Silicone elastomers are flexible at low temperatures and resistant to heat and aging (UV radiation and ozone). They are easy to process and have good mechanical properties that remain unchanged over a wide temperature range. They have a neutral taste and are biologically unreactive.

ELASTOSIL® silicone products are therefore employed in all kinds of construction and industrial applications, where they showcase their compelling all-round talents. Their seemingly unlimited potential makes them ideal for use in nearly all industries:

  • Automotive and mechanical engineering
  • Electronics and electrical engineering
  • Textiles
  • Baby articles
  • Medical products
  • Household and consumer goods
  • Sports and lifestyle articles
  • Mold making and pad printing
  • Sealants in the construction industry.

Solid Silicone Rubber

ELASTOSIL® R solid silicone rubber grades are peroxide-curing. They can be processed by conventional methods, such as extrusion, calendering, compression and transfer molding, or injection molding. They cure under heat and are ideal for manufacturing a variety of silicone rubber articles.

Platinum-Catalyzed, Addition-Curing Solid Silicone Rubber

The products in the ELASTOSIL® R plus series combine the advantages of solid silicone rubber with those of addition-curing liquid silicone rubber, namely outstanding mechanical properties with high throughput. ELASTOSIL® R plus grades are available as 1-part and 2-part systems.

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Liquid Silicone Rubber

ELASTOSIL® LR liquid silicone rubber products are two-part silicone rubber grades which can be injection molded on fully automated machines without the need for secondary processing. They are generally platinum-curing and vulcanize under heat and pressure. They are ideal for high-volume manufacturing and so help to keep unit costs down. Self-adhesive liquid silicone rubber grades that bond to many plastics and metals without a primer or physical pretreatment are particularly advantageous, since they can be used for multi-functional parts, such as hard-soft combinations, and membrane components.

The ELASTOSIL® LR series also contains specialty low-viscosity grades which are suitable for knife-coating technical textiles because they do not require pressure-curing. This allows the positive properties of the silicone elastomers, such as heat and flame resistance, to be combined with the high mechanical strength of traditional technical textiles.

Fluorinated Liquid Silicone Rubber

ELASTOSIL® FLR silicone rubbers are particularly resistant to corrosive fluids, such as engine oils and fuels. They are chiefly used in the manufacture of automotive and aerospace seals.

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1-Part Silicone Rubber (RTV-1)

One-part silicone rubber compounds are ready-to-use products that cure at room temperature and are ideal for bonding, sealing and encapsulating. They are available in the following series:


ELASTOSIL® adhesives and sealants have the best property profile for professional jobs - from window sealing to sanitary joints through to high-tech applications in the electronics and automotive sectors.

2-Part Silicone Rubber (RTV-2)

Two-part silicone rubbers may be addition- or condensation-curing. They can be applied manually or by machine, have variable pot lives and cure rapidly when heat is applied. WACKER has designed a range of products to meet the various application areas.

  • Elastomers for bonding, sealing, encapsulating and coating: ELASTOSIL® RT
  • Gels: WACKER SilGel®
  • Foams: ELASTOSIL® SC
  • Mold-making compounds, ELASTOSIL® M
  • Silicones for making negative molds for composites: ELASTOSIL® C
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WACKER silicone films are a revolutionary, innovative development. This ultrathin, high-precision film of crosslinked silicone rubber is available in various thicknesses of 20 μm to 400 μm as roll stock and is manufactured under cleanroom condition entirely without solvents.

ELASTOSIL® Silicone Film is ideal for use as the high-precision dielectric layer in groundbreaking electronics applications based on so-called EAPs (electroactive polymers) – such as actuators, generators and smart sensors. For example, it can be used to make artificial muscles or valves that convert energy into motion. Having the characteristic properties of silicones, the film can also be used in smart textiles or power plants to extract energy from sea waves.

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The ELASTOSIL® RD series are dispersions of solid silicone rubber grades in solvents (e.g. toluene or xylene). These products may be condensation- or addition-curing and are available as one- or two-part products. They are ideal for industrial coating applications because they can be applied in extremely thin films.

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Silicone sealants are essential construction and installation products for today’s demanding world. More important: they are indispensable for nearly all key industries because they are sustainable products. From connection and movement joints to sanitary seals, ELASTOSIL® silicone sealants are the products of choice in construction and industry. The portfolio also features special-purpose sealants, e.g. flame-resistant grades and grades that are suitable for contact with natural stone or food.

Silicone sealants are superior to alternative technologies in a number of key areas. For example, they offer outstanding resistance to weathering, aging, UV, and heat and cold. They also display constant tensile strain values at extreme temperatures (-30 °C to 80 °C) and are eminently suitable for expansion joints.

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ELASTOSIL® - Finished Construction Sealants

With our additives, specific properties of silicone rubber can be boosted to meet extreme requirements. Incorporated direct via roll mill or internal mixer, the additives enable the rubber to be tailored to the specification.

ELASTOSIL® AUX additives improve the heat stability, flame resistance and demoldability of ELASTOSIL® solid rubber. Other additives are available for imparting special properties, such as magnetizability and x-ray opacity. With pigment pastes from the ELASTOSIL® FL and PT series, you can produce silicone articles in almost any conceivable color. What’s more, mixed colors are just as easy to realize in silicones as are translucent formulations.

ELASTOSIL® Color Paste FL UV Fluorescent has been specifically created for fluorescent marking of addition-cure silicone rubber. Silicone molded parts or coatings pigmented with this new pigment paste give off a deep blue-violet glow when irradiated with UV light. Silicone processors can exploit this property to develop automated quality control systems for their manufacturing setup.

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