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Silicone Sealants

Chemical structure of a polydimethylsiloxane – the basis of silicone sealants

Silicone sealants are supplied as one-part, ready-to-use systems. They consist of polydimethylsiloxane, curing agent, fillers and additives. After a sealant has been applied, crosslinking starts on contact with atmospheric moisture, releasing byproducts. Crosslinking starts with the formation of a skin on the surface of the applied silicone rubber and gradually progresses into the interior of the compound. Depending on the nature of the crosslinker, a small amount of an amine, acetic acid or a neutral compound, such as alcohol, is released during vulcanization.

Thanks to their outstanding properties, RTV-1 silicone sealants solve a wide variety of sealing, bonding and coating problems. Their excellent resistance to weathering and aging is the result of special chemical properties.

WACKER is a completely backward-integrated company that combines being a reliable partner with the ability to offer consistently high quality alongside customer proximity. Providing all-in-one solutions, our extensive portfolio ranges from raw materials right through to ready-to-use sealants available in various container sizes or supplied in drums or as cartridges.

WACKER Trademarks:



  • Excellent weathering and aging resistance
  • Outstanding UV and high-temperature resistance
  • Constant stress-strain values at extreme temperatures (–30 °C to 80 °C)
  • Flexible over a wide temperature range (–40 °C to 150 °C).


  • Sanitary sealants
  • General-purpose construction sealants
  • Glazing, windows and doors
  • Sealing joints
  • Natural stone joints
  • Construction of aquariums
  • High-temperature and fire-safety joints
  • Sealants for food-contact applications

Product Recommendations:

ELASTOSIL® eco sealants differ from conventional grades merely as regards the source of the raw materials used. They otherwise provide exactly the same quality as our premium line and can be processed in the usual way.

During the production of ELASTOSIL® eco, the organic constituents are offset completely as part of the biomass balance method. The fossil raw materials needed for production are replaced by biomass certified as sustainable. This makes ELASTOSIL® eco the first generation of sealant to do without raw materials derived from petrochemicals.


  • 100% of the fossil raw materials needed for production are replaced by biomass certified as sustainable
  • A long shelf life
  • User-friendly processing properties
  • Exceptional ability to absorb movement
  • Excellent adhesion
  • UV resistance
  • High heat resistance
  • Resistance to extremes of weather


WACKER® silicone sealants are available as ready-to-use cartridges. Each product is customized to a specific application, providing cost-efficient yet durable solutions.

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SILICONES – Definition and Properties

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