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Release Coatings

We use them over and over again every day with barely a second thought: release coatings. Why do band-aids stick to the skin but not to the backing paper? And why do candies cleave firmly to our palates but not to the wrappers?

The answer is: DEHESIVE® release coatings. They are the reason why countless papers and films used everyday adhere only where they should and where it is safe.

With the four components – polymer, crosslinker, catalyst and controlled-release additive, the release force can be individually adjusted and formulations can be tailored with precision to meet requirements. Available as solvent-free and solvent-based systems, and as emulsions, DEHESIVE® permits optimal processing and compliance with legal requirements.

DEHESIVE® release coatings feature a diverse property profile: precisely adjustable release forces and release force profiles, simple processing, flexible formulations, short crosslinking times and extremely low migration values.

WACKER silicone coatings also impart long-lasting non-stick properties to baking trays and baking mats. Depending on the baked goods, SILRES® or ELASTOSIL® coatings based on silicone resins and silicone elastomers are especially suitable for industrial bakeries.

Release Coatings – WACKER ACADEMY Seminars

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