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Medical & Hygiene

Release coatings from WACKER are indispensable in many medical and hygiene applications. These products fulfill the necessary regulatory requirements.


Adhesive plasters and webbing with silicone release films or silicone release coatings play a prominent role in treating wounds quickly and safely. Such products adhere strongly but can be removed cleanly and so are highly practical and quick to use. Also growing in popularity are adhesive plasters containing transdermal medicines – thanks again to dependable adhesion to skin and clean removal.

DEHESIVE® release coatings have compelling properties:

  • Reliable release properties for strong adhesives
  • No migration
  • FDA and BgVV compliance


Silicone release liners and silicone-coated PE and PP release films are popular products for numerous hygiene applications. The most familiar of these are baby diapers with self-adhesive, reusable closures, sanitary towels, panty liners and incontinence pads. The adhesive surfaces that can be separated easily without loss of adhesion ensure reliability and ease of use.

DEHESIVE® release coatings have compelling properties:

  • Good crosslinking and adhesion at low coating temperatures
  • Long-lasting release effect
  • Cost efficient