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Sun Care

The sun brings new vitality and boosts your well-being. It tells you that summer has arrived, and represents freedom.
Silicone additives from WACKER are highly effective, easy to process and form the ideal basis for your sunscreen and after-sun products.

Today’s consumers want suncare products that provide not only protection, but also care and an even tan. For any application, we offer reliable, market-oriented additives: silicone resins for water resistance or elastomer gels as rheology modifiers - offering both protection and care. The antioxidant HTEssence® protects hair against damage from free radicals and UV radiation. And modern cyclodextrin complexes stabilize active ingredients, e.g. for self-tanning lotions.

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While everyone loves the sun and lives with it daily, individual protection is essential if you expose yourself to UV rays. And risk of damage has steadily increased in recent decades - caused by stronger radiation and more vulnerable skin. In addition, the problem of UV radiation has received greater attention - while at the same time people seek reliable protection.

Along with effective, appropriate UV protection, good spreadability, practical application means and water resistance are also key advantages to modern suncare products. In addition, consumers’ requirements center around optical properties such as transparency or sheen. WACKER offers high-molecular additives of the Belsil® range for these purposes. They permit individually tailored formulations and thereby offer important advantages for the design of your suncare products.

The details

  • UV Protection for Hair
    Formulated as a leave-in product, the antioxidant HTEssence®, WACKER’s highly pure, nature-identical hydroxytyrosol, protects hair against damage due to free radicals and dyed hair against bleaching.
  • Greatly Increased Light Protection Factor
    High-melting silicone wax with a melting point of 70°C and BELSIL ® silicone hair gels stabilize the UV protective film on the skin.
  • Stable Water Resistance
    BELSIL® silicone resins and silicone elastomer gels, high-molecular dimethicones and alkylfunctionalized silicones form a water-repellent film on the skin.
  • More Even Distribution
    Volatile silicones, low-viscosity dimethicones and selected alkylfunctional silicone resins of the BELSIL® range improve the application and spreadability in sunscreen products. In formulations containing physical UV filters, such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, they facilitate optimum dispersion of the micro-pigments and can thereby increase the level of protection.

Beautifully tanned skin can be achieved entirely without harmful UV radiation using self-tanning lotions and creams. The self-tanning effect may result in undesirable odors, though these can be absorbed by the γ-cyclodextrin CAVAMAX® W8. Tocopherol regenerates and protects, and helps in the regeneration of UV-damaged skin. As an inclusion compound with cyclodextrin, WACKER’s CAVAMAX®-tocopherol complex is especially stable.

A relaxing sunbath should always include proper skin care afterwards. Since, despite the suncare products, the skin is always subject to increased aging when exposed to skin. To forearm oneself and counter it with an anti-aging effect, good after-sun products contain Vitamin E to block free radicals. High-quality, highly effective WACKER cyclodextrins stabilize tocopherol (natural vitamin E) and release it to the skin as required. The tocopherol or retinol complexes are inclusion compounds of pharmaceutical-grade gamma-cyclodextrin and vitamin E or vitamin A. They selectively and demonstrably counter premature skin aging and protect the skin against UV damage. WACKER-cyclodextrin complexes thus provide intensive skin care and protection.