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Whether lavish, discreet or a different style for different occasions – make-up is part of most people's lives. Every day, billions of women and growing numbers of men take advantage of the various possibilities to beautify themselves.

Colors, shades and striking effects are good not only for boosting attractiveness, but also for gaining a large market share. These must constantly be reinvented to keep up with the latest trends.

We help you keep up with trends and markets by offering innovative products for streamlining formulations, creating special effects and simplifying production. Our extensive range of highly efficient cosmetic additives can produce almost any effect you want: from high-quality everyday cosmetics to luxury skin-care make-up, from kiss-proof lipsticks to striking and waterproof mascaras and eye-shadows.

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As the eyes and surrounding area are highly sensitive, it is essential to use ingredients that are particularly gentle: such as silicone-based additives from WACKER.

Attractive color effects, volumizing mascaras and easy-to-use formulations in eye-shadows, pencil eye-liners and mascara brushes are the secret of successful products.

Belsil® silicone resins simplify the production process while enhancing water resistance and pigment adhesion. And for the ultimate in product optimization, look no further than HDK® pyrogenic silica.

The details:

  • Long-lasting color
    Special hydrophobic BELSIL® silicone resins and silicone elastomer gels improve pigment processing and boost the water resistance of mascaras and eye-shadows.
  • Voluminous eyelashes
    Alkyl silicones (silicone waxes) contribute important conditioning properties to mascaras and give the eyelashes more volume, length and texture.

Your make-up is only as good as the foundation you use. So, your complexion needs to be immaculate before you start accentuating and highlighting with make-up. A good foundation series will cater for different skin types and range from providing sheer coverage to full coverage. WACKER also offers special additives for ensuring that the foundation does not dry out the skin or smudge and that it feels pleasant and is easy to put on. They ensure uniform consistency and spread, retain moisture in the skin and provide a long, natural hold.

Our range of additives caters to the various different wishes and needs of the world’s markets, from Asia to America through to Europe, and is backed up by specialists with a wealth of formulating expertise.

The details:

  • Even complexion
    BELSIL® volatile silicones, low-viscosity dimethicones and specific alkyl silicones enhance the spreadability of foundation products to ensure a uniform result.
  • Integrated protection
    Low-viscosity BELSIL® dimethicones prevent emulsions from whitening, and form a breathable protective film on the skin.
  • Silky sheen
    BELSIL®phenyl silicone fluids make the skin shiny and supple.
  • Precise moisture control
    Alkyl silicones protect the skin by forming an occlusive barrier that prevents water loss and regulates the moisture content of the treated area.
  • Long-lasting effects
    BELSIL® silicone resins and silicone resin gels make for particularly long-lasting products by virtue of their film-forming properties.

Invented just under 100 years ago, lipstick is now the favorite product of women all around the world. And for good reason: few people can resist beautiful lips. But lipsticks are not just top-selling perennials, they quickly come and go as fashions change. Color, consistency and care properties that change with the season's fashion trends are key to success.

A heat-defying melting point of 55-65 °C, pleasant application and ideal wear properties coupled with long-lasting adhesion, good color coverage with a matt or gloss look, and sophisticated conditioning properties are the hallmarks of successful lipsticks.

With WACKER silicones, you can produce any and all properties that the market wants and needs. And you can count on our decades of experience and expertise to support you with devising the perfect formulation. The details:

  • Kiss-proof
    BELSIL® products such as silicone resins and silicone elastomer gels create lipsticks with a long-lasting protective film that will not smudge. There are several advantages to high-melting silicone waxes. They provide stability, make the lipstick kiss-proof, feel pleasant and, in this combination, are far superior to beeswax, for example.
  • Gloss
    For lipsticks that provide attractive gloss and lubricity, use phenyl silicones and specialty silicone resins as the basis.
  • Color
    Lipsticks are all about color. So, it is essential to use volatile silicones that have an outstanding ability to fix the pigments and to prevent color bleed into wrinkles around the lips.
  • Care properties
    Highly functional WACKER cyclodextrin complexes ensure that lipsticks have effective decorative and care properties. Some lipsticks contain natural vitamin E, which thanks to complexation with cyclodextrin,is released molecule by molecule to provide concentrated lip care.

For a long time, nail decoration was under-appreciated and not really taken seriously. Now, though, painted nails are an essential part of looking beautiful. Here, too, colors and texture change with fashion. But some things that never change for nail polish are the need for high color saturation, durability, easy application and fast drying.

WACKER silicone additives provide the perfect properties for formulating highly desirable, successful products. The details:

  • Toughness
    Long-lasting nail polish is prized and appreciated by many women. With this specifically in mind, we developed BELSIL® P1101, which not only can be used in every nail polish, but also makes the polish flexible and extremely scratch resistant.
  • Easy application / consistency
    HDK® additives give nail polishes a particularly silky feel and allow them to be applied evenly to large areas. The pigment is distributed uniformly in the polish, and no unsightly sedimentation occurs.
  • SIlky-soft feel
    Aside from the appearance, it is important for the nail polish to have a fine texture and a silky-soft feel. BELSIL® P 1101 reduces friction elements. This not only enhances the silky feel but also dramatically reduces mechanical damage, such as scratches.
  • Perfect gloss or matt look
    Aesthetic preferences for glossy or matt looks can change at the drop of a hat and also differ all around the world, so WACKER SILICONES has devised perfect solutions that will work in every case: BELSIL®SPR45 VP and phenyl silicone fluids from WACKER create a perfect gloss look in any formulation. But an attractive matt look can be created by adding HDK® silicones in the right concentration. That’s how easy and quick it is to adjust formulations to the latest fashion.