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Hair Care

Long, short, layered or straight – hair needs proper care and styling.

When we are comfortable with our hair, we feel full of life: healthy and attractive. Hair care is all about shine, suppleness and volume – and always about personal style.

WACKER offers a broad range of silicone products specifically aimed at perfecting the transformation from a simple head of hair to a personal hairstyle and a personal look. These highly effective additives are easy-to-process ingredients that will actively support you in creating winning properties for your products.

Our hair-care ingredients have been specially formulated to boost volume, optimize shine, enhance combability, serve as formulation aids or control foam during dispensing. With WACKER hair-care silicones you can create nearly any effect imaginable – and be a market winner.

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People who care about their hair know that not all shampoos are the same. After all, there are nearly as many shampoos as there are hairstyles. What some consider to be a “good” product, might not suit others. Some might need a special shampoo, while others might like this but not not that one. All this has as much to do with different hair textures as it has with individual wants and preferences. As an experienced silicones specialist, we can supply the right additives to meet all the various demands and preferences.

The details:

  • pleasant silky-soft feel
    Dimethicones and dimethiconols for normal hair and amino silicones for damaged hair impart a silky soft feel to dry hair that is otherwise hard to achieve.
  • Better combability
    Amino silicone fluid emulsions, dimethicones and alkyl silicones improve the combability of dry and wet hair. Just 1-2% of amodimethicone is enough to give a verifiable substantial boost to wet and dry combability.
  • Low electrostatic charging
    Polyether silicones and amino silicone fluid emulsions reduce electrostatic charging of hair and noticeably reduce flyaway.
  • Effective foam system
    Polyether silicones allow foam formation to be regulated via the temperature. This makes it easier to dispense the product at temperatures above its cloud point and thus speeds up production processes.

Shine, volume and sculptability are key attributes of attractive hair. That is why conditioners and rinses are so important for many people.. No wonder - for BELSIL® dimethicones and amino-functional silicone fluid emulsions provide hair with a silky shine, a pleasant feel and hair-type-specific conditioning. Rinse-off and leave-on conditioners can be especially challenging, but not for BELSIL®: In rinse-off conditioners, the products are not washed out by running water and, in leave-on products, they do not attack the scalp or hair.

The details:

  • Silky-soft feel
    Dimethicones, high-viscosity dimethiconols and alkyl silicones are readily and efficiently formulated into the conditioner to create the desired silky-soft feel.
  • Better combability
    The silicone-based BELSIL® range enhances both wet and dry combability.
  • More volume
    WACKER silicones are genuine volume boosters for dry hair. This is particularly true of silicone waxes: adding just 2 % can effect an impressive 50 % increase in volume.
  • Shine and luster
    Enhanced shine is a key reason for the success of conditioners. Phenyl silicone fluids from the BELSIL® series provide the extra edge here: they lend hair unrivaled shine and luster.

When straight hair is suddenly transformed into curls or when hair holds its shape no matter what, hairspray is usually the reason. With hairspray, nearly any hairstyle is possible. And once the soft feel and hair feel produced by the hairspray are right, success is inevitable.

The basis of these properties is BELSIL® silicone copolymer, which makes the hairspray light and airy and gives it a firm hold.

The BELSIL® range also acts as a resin plasticizer, solubilizer, foam-stabilizing active ingredient (in hair mousses), and as a carrier substance or co-transport medium.

After the hair style, it is the hair color which helps to create the perfect look. Do you prefer to be blonde or brunette? Can gray hairs be restored to their original color? And wouldn’t a red tint be chic - even for just one evening? Many people change their hair color several times over the course of their lives – to keep up with fashion, or because they prefer a different color, or because of their age. Hair dyes are either temporary and washable or permanent. Silicones play a key role in all of them. Whether to impart foaming, emulsifying and easy conditioning properties - like BELSIL® can. In oxidizing dyes, aminofunctional BELSIL® silicones, for example, have a pleasant conditioning effect. Alkylfunctional BELSIL® polymers and HDK® pyrogenic silicas are top-of-the-range rheology modifiers that enhance product stability.

Hair straightening and permanent waves radically transform hair texture. L-cysteine produces impressive results by breaking S-S bonds in the hair’s keratin. It is a key active ingredient of modern straightening and permanent wave products, contributing shine while simultaneously protecting the hair against damage. WACKER's cysteine is free of harmful substances that would otherwise give rise to an unpleasant pungent odor. WACKER is the first company in the world to produce this product from plant-based, vegan raw materials by an ultra-modern biotechnical production process.

Antioxidants are commonly used in cosmetics to protect skin and hair against harmful environmental factors. WACKER’s hydroxytyrosol HTEssence® is one of the strongest antioxidants for protecting hair against UV damage and preventing dyed and colored hair from fading. Application areas for hair-care products containing HTEssence® range from hair masks to leave-in products through to protective sprays for colored hair.