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Transmission & Distribution Industry

WACKER was the first silicones producer on the market to offer a full range of electrically insulating and conducting silicone rubbers for transmission and distribution. Today, POWERSIL® is a world-leading brand that is synonymous with innovative, economical and reliable products.

POWERSIL® silicones are high-end silicone elastomers that range from low-viscosity to ready-to-use solid rubbers. They are used to produce long-rod insulators/surge arresters and hollow insulators as well as to coat insulators, especially glass and ceramic insulators.


  • Good mechanical properties
  • Excellent dielectric properties
  • Ready to use
  • Two-part system
  • Extremely low-viscosity liquid rubber
  • Excellent processing in appropriate mixing and metering systems
  • High tracking and erosion resistance

Benefits of POWERSIL® in long-rod insulators:

  • Long service life due to excellent hydrophobic properties and resistance to heat, UV and ozone
  • Easy to use due to low weight
  • Excellent toughness and impact strength due to flexibility
  • High flashover resistance due to hydrophobic surface
  • Low maintenance costs due to hydrophobicity transfer

Benefits of POWERSIL® in hollow insulators:

  • Excellent process safety and flexibility due to low-pressure molding process
  • Easy handling due to low weight (80 % lighter than porcelain insulators)
  • Excellent toughness and impact strength due to flexibility
  • High flashover resistance due to hydrophobic surface

Benefits of POWERSIL® as insulator coating:

  • High operational reliability due to excellent hydrophobic properties
  • Cost efficiency due to scope for retrofitting existing installations
  • Extended service life due to silicone coating (10 years and longer)



Insulator coatings:

Design principle of a cold-shrinkable joint

Cable accessories made with POWERSIL® silicone rubber are used in high and low voltage cables. They allow for various types of field control – from high to low voltage, as well as for both push-on and cold-shrink technologies.


  • Outstanding dielectric properties
  • Permanent elasticity over a broad temperature range
  • Excellent hydrophobic properties and resistance to heat, UV and ozone
  • Very good tracking resistance
  • High arcing resistance

Production method:

  • Solid silicone rubber (HTV)
  • Liquid silicone rubber (LSR)
  • Extra-low-viscosity systems (POWERSIL® XLR®)
  • Room-temperature-curing systems (RTV-2)

POWERSIL® Fluids are low-viscosity silicone fluids that have been specifically optimized for the insulating systems employed in modern transformers. POWERSIL® Fluids are used here for cooling and insulating as well as for high-voltage terminations.


  • High heat resistance
  • Short-term thermal shock resistance
  • Very high, long-term heat resistance
  • Use at low temperatures with rated output
  • Extremely low dissipation factor
  • Minimal change in electrical properties over a wide temperature range
  • High flash point

In the T&D industry, equipment used outdoors is exposed to various pollutants: atmospheric pollution in coastal areas and deserts, and industrial pollution, which is especially persistent. Regular cleaning is necessary to prevent flashovers.

Ceramic and glass insulators need to be cleaned regularly, and depending on the exposure, it may be necessary to clean silicone insulators, too. For the servicing and cleaning of electrotechnical equipment, WACKER recommends POWERSIL® Shine instead of water or detergent. POWERSIL® Shine works on all substrates, i.e. glass, ceramic, epoxy, silicone and other outdoor insulation materials.

POWERSIL® Shine is easy-to-use:

  • simply spray over the affected surface
  • wipe off with a cleaning cloth
  • repeat until the desired result is achieved

POWERSIL® Shine is a solvent-free cleaning and care spray that protects the treated surface. It removes fat- and water-soluble pollutants and creates a water repellent surface by siliconization.

POWERSIL® Shine comes in a ready-to-use 500-ml pump spray bottle, supplied in a box with 24 such bottles.