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Surface Treatment

WACKER offers different solutions for protecting the open-pore structure of concrete or screed floors against soiling. Silane-terminated SILRES® BS grades and PRIMIS® siliconized, acrylic-based hybrid dispersions can be used as film-forming anti-stain treatments.

SILRES® BS grades based on silicone-fluorine technology offer invisible protection while pure silicone SILRES® grades add color enhancement to the protective benefits.

On wall plasters, PRIMIS® dispersions can be used as protective coating and finish in specialty applications such as Venetian plaster. With this portfolio, it is possible to realize very effective anti-stain protection for almost any mineral surface from concrete to natural stone.

Impregnating agents based on SILRES® BS 6920 are easily applied by rolling or wiping.

These SILRES® BS grades cure on contact with moisture. Their chemical structure has been optimized to achieve low viscosity. As a result, the binder penetrates deep into the pores of a cement-bound floor, filling the pores completely and forming a thin, glossy film on the surface. After the binder has cured, the pores are impermeable to everyday substances containing water or oil. The new binder therefore offers highly effective stain protection. Substances can be removed without lasting stains even if left on the surface for a prolonged time.


  • 1K formulation
  • Solvent free
  • Transparent
  • Highly stain resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Color enhancing
  • Matt or gloss finish options available
  • Improved surface appearance
  • Polishable
  • Easy to apply
  • Fire resistant


Binder for impregnating agents or thin dirt-repelling coatings for

  • Cement-bound floors
  • Concrete


  • High oil, soil and water repellency
  • Highly durable effectiveness
  • Maintains natural look
  • No tacky finish
  • No surface sealing

Application Areas

High and low porous mineral surfaces on:

  • Table tops
  • Window sills
  • Kitchen worktops
  • Interior walls
  • Floors
  • Facades
Untreated granite
Granite treated with SILRES® BS 38

Treatment with SILRES® BS on Granite

Repels stains such as ketchup, mustard, oil, soy sauce and wine (cleaning after 24 h)

Untreated cotto brick
Cotto brick treated with SILRES® BS 39

Treatment with SILRES® BS on Cotto

Repels stains such as ketchup, mustard, oil, soy sauce and wine (cleaning after 24 h)


  • Improved visual appearance
  • Improved stain resistance
  • Water, oil, dirt repellency
  • Gloss or matte effect achievable
  • Wet-look effect possible
  • Recoatable
  • Tin free
  • Low VOC

Application Areas:

High- and low-porosity mineral substrates, e.g. cotto, slate, granite or marble, which are used for:

  • Floors
  • Table tops
  • Window sills
  • Kitchen plates

Examples of Surface-Enhancing Effect with SILRES BS®

Untreated granite
Granite treated with SILRES® BS 30


  • Easy application in diluted or undiluted form
  • Quick drying
  • Improved abrasion resistance
  • Improved stain resistance to oil- and water-based stains
  • Increased hydrophobicity
  • No need for film-forming agents
  • Natural look
  • BfR XIV and FDA compliant

Application Spectrum:

Surface treatment for all mineral surfaces, indoor and outdoor

PRIMIS® dispersions contain extremely fine particles that distribute evenly into the micro- and submicropores of the treated surfaces preventing dirt from penetrating into the substrate.


  • Weather resistance
  • Protection against rain, cold, heat and frost/thaw conditions
  • Protection against hydrophilic and organic stains
  • Easy to apply
  • Short drying time