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Primers for Paints & Coatings

Primers are essential to ensure longterm stability of layered building systems. WACKER offers solutions from organic and silicone chemistry for different primer functionalities such as hydrophobization of the substrate, consolidation of the substrate or as bonding agent between substrate and coating.

Primers are essential to ensure the long-term stability of layered building systems. WACKER offers organic- and silicone-chemistry-based solutions addressing different primer functionalities, such as substrate hydrophobization, substrate consolidation and bonding between the substrate and coating.


The penetration potential is determined by measuring the amount of CaCO3 that is bound by 2 g of dispersion. The higher the final weight of the CaCO3 agglomerat, the better the penetration of the dispersion into the substrate.

VINNAPAS® polymer dispersions provide excellent adhesion and ensure good penetration of the surface, thus strengthening the substrate and controlling its absorbency.
In outdoor applications, hydrophobic VINNAPAS® dispersions ensure high water repellency and good barrier properties. VINNAPAS® dispersions are suitable for formulating primers with or without the use of fillers such as sand and pigments. For open-pore substrates such as concrete, cement and gypsum plasterboards, grades with small particle sizes are available.


  • Good impregnation due to high pore penetration
  • Excellent barrier properties
  • Low, uniform absorbency
  • Good adhesion even on critical substrates
  • Bridging of small cracks
  • Good strengthening of the construction surface

Silicone-based primers create a hydrophobic zone beneath the coating, improve adhesion and provide decorative coatings with lasting protection from water.
Our broad SILRES® BS portfolio includes water- and solvent-based primers. Paints can be made self-priming by adding the primer directly to the coating.

Application Spectrum:

SILRES® BS primers are suitable for:

  • All mineral substrates
  • Silicone-resin emulsion paints and plasters
  • Emulsion paints and dispersion plasters
  • Concrete coatings
  • All coatings containing wetting agents


  • Creation of a dry, stable substrate
  • Enhanced adhesion of the coating
  • Extended renovation cycles
  • High penetration depth
  • Excellent barrier properties

SILRES® BS Silicone Primers – the Basis for Masonry Protection

Facade coating without SILRES® BS silicone primer

Facade coating with SILRES® BS silicone primer