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As a chemist, engineer or IT specialist in the WACKER team, you benefit from performance-oriented structures and innovative systems in a global context. Do you want to develop and implement new ideas, envision and shape the future, manage information and steer processes? At WACKER, you will find interesting prospects to launch your career onto the path of success.

We are looking for colleagues who share our values and want to further their development

At its divisions and corporate departments, WACKER offers employment in a wide range of career sectors, e.g. to university and technical college graduates with a degree in:

  • Natural sciences
  • Engineering sciences
  • Business administration
  • Information technology
  • Law

WACKER also employs vocational school graduates with high grades in:

  • Chemistry/physics
  • Metalworking
  • Electrical engineering
  • Information technology
  • Commercial occupations
  • Craftsmanship

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Unsolicited Applications in Germany

If you haven't found a suitable position in our current openings, feel free to send an unsolicited application. To do so, simply click on the link in your job group to access the application assistant.

To apply to WACKER, you should have completed vocational training or have a university degree.
Please use the additional option of activating your own applicant profile. Your profile will then be available to us for other openings, irrespective of your current application and also after an unsuccessful application.

The position you’d like to apply for:

Engineer Chemist IT specialist Graduate in business administration, economics and/or the humanities Commercial employee Natural-science graduate (e.g. physicists, mathematicians, biologists) Laboratory specialist (e.g. lab assistant or lab technician) Production employee Employee for health services, security or the fire department

Internships and Degree Theses

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