LIOSIL® eco F 100

LIOSIL® eco F 100 is a linear, non-reactive, unmodified polydimethylsiloxane with a viscosity of approx. 100 mm²/s.

In manufacturing LIOSIL® eco F 100, 100 % of the fossil-based raw materials are substituted by renewable raw materials (biomethanol) based on a REDcert² biomass balance approach audited by TÜV NORD.

Due to its chemical structure, LIOSIL® eco F 100 has an outstanding property profile, which sets it apart from organic materials such as mineral oils. Particularly, LIOSIL® eco F 100 is characterized by a low surface tension and excellent spreading properties.


LIOSIL® eco F 100 is a clear, odorless and colorless liquid.

  • minimal change in physical properties over a broad temperature range
  • excellent water-repellent properties
  • good dielectric properties
  • low surface tension and thus high surface activity
  • chemically highly unreactive
  • low solidifying point
  • high flash point
  • high heat resistance
  • good solubility in a wide range of solvents

Due to its properties especially due to its excellent spreadability LIOSIL® eco F 100 is mainly used in the polishes sector, particularly as ingredient of household care products.

Due to its high water-repellent effect LIOSIL® eco F 100 is recommended as ingredient for impregnating agents like furniture or floor polishes.  

Further applications are for example:

  • Shoe polish: Together with high viscous silicone fluids, LIOSIL® eco F 100 is ideal for the care of leather; a formulation containing LIOSIL® eco F 100 keeps leather durable and gives long-lasting protection.
  • Metal polish: Using LIOSIL® eco F 100, metal polishs can be formulated which provide metal surfaces a high gloss and protection against formation of stains.
  • Glass cleaner: LIOSIL® eco F 100 can be used formulating low viscous water repelling agent for glass surfaces, e. g. windows, mirrors and shower cabin walls.
  • Glass-ceramic cleaner and glass ceramic polish: Together with amino-containing siloxanes LIOSIL® eco F 100 facilitates the removal of burnt-on food residues, especially on glass-ceramics.


The 'Best use before end' date of each batch is shown on the product label.

Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.


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