SILRES® BS 39 N is a water-thinnable mixture of silane, siloxane and synthetic resins. It is used in diluted form to impart both water repellency and oil repellency to inorganic substrates such as mineral construction materials. In this respect, it differs from conventional (mono-functional) water-repellents. The pores of the substrate remain open, the water vapor diffusion is hardly affected, if at all. Oil, grease, paint, etc. are easier to remove from surfaces that have been treated with SILRES® BS 39 N.


SILRES® BS 39 N is well suited for oil and water dirt finishing of:

• Treatment of floors of natural or synthetic stone, or unglazed ceramic tiles for easy care.

• Treatment of window sills and table tops of natural or synthetic stone, or fibrous cement to avoid staining.

• Treatment of facades of natural or synthetic stone, concrete, or fibrous cement in order to allow easier removal of dirt, grease, graffiti, posters, etc. from monuments, exterior and interior walls.

• Water, oil and dirt repellent treatment of low-porosity natural stone, e. g. marble, travertine and granite.

Dilute SILRES® BS 39 N in a ratio of 1:3 to 1:6 (parts by weight) with tap water.
Excess should be removed, some minutes after the product was applied.
Diluted solutions that have been stored for a long period are likely to show signs of slight creaming and should be shaken up thoroughly before use. The surface to be treated should be air dry and absorbent. Apply the diluted solution liberally by brush or spray. The hydrophobic and oleophobic effects start to develop within 24 hours and are complete within 1 week. Because of possible discoloration, it is advisable to carry out tests on a test area. This is also an opportunity for checking the product´s efficacy. Surfaces treated with SILRES® BS 39 N should be cleaned at once after contaminations with oil, grease or paint because paint in particular is very difficult to dissolve once the binder has fully hardened. Surfaces that have been cleaned and dried might need re-treating with SILRES® BS 39 N.


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