VINNAPAS® C 305 is a solid, colorless to pale yellowish copolymer of vinyl acetate and crotonic acid.


  • VINNAPAS® C 305 is a physically drying, thermoplastic binder which forms films through solvent evaporation. When appropriate solvents are used, the dry films are odorless.

Typical applications for VINNAPAS® C 305:

  • moisture-sensitive adhesives
  • finishes for the textile and hat industries
  • inks for fabrics, leather. Marks made with such inks can easily be removed with slightly alkaline water.
  • lacquers removable by aqueous alkali, often in combination with hard resins.

Processing - Product data

Melt viscosity, 100% Polymer

Bohlin high temperature viscosimeter

100 °C                      ~ 7000 Pa·s

120 °C                      ~ 2000 Pa·s

140 °C                      ~  300 Pa·s

160 °C                      ~   80 Pa·s


VINNAPAS® C 305 is soluble in esters, ketones and methanol. Solutions in 94% ethyl alcohol are turbid, but the films deposited from them are almost clear when dry. The resin is only partly soluble in toluene. Solutions with solids contents of up to 50% can be made with good solvents such as acetone and ethyl acetate.

VINNAPAS® C 305 will dissolve in alkaline water, although this is a time-consuming operation resulting in high viscosity solutions. Solution may be speeded up by also using a water soluble solvent and using the following formulation as a guide:

40 parts VINNAPAS® C 305,

35 parts water,

10 parts conc. Ammonia,

30 parts methanol

Acetone may be used instead of methanol. The solution can be diluted by stirring in more water. An alternative method consists of dissolving the resin only in acetone and then diluting the resultant solution with water containing ammonia.

Care should be taken not to exceed a pH value of 8 since otherwise, the resin will be partly saponified and the solution will gel. Dilute caustic potash and certain organic amines can also be used instead of ammonia. Sodium and calcium hydroxide are unsuitable for this purpose since insoluble salts are formed with sodium and calcium ions.


VINNAPAS® C 305 may be plasticized with the plasticizers normally used for polyvinyl acetate, e. g. dibutyl phthalate and tricresyl phosphate.


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VINNAPAS® C 305 is supplied in 25 kg Paper Bags. Big Bag is available on request.


To prevent caking VINNAPAS® C 305 should not be stored at temperatures above 20°C. Storage conditions must be dry; material must be protected from direct sun exposure.

Under these conditions the product has a shelf life of at least 12 months starting from the date of receipt.


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