VINNACEL® 315 is a multi-purpose dispersible polymer powder for dry mix mortars, specifically suited for tile adhesives.
It is based on a hard copolymer of vinylacetate and ethylene that it has a neutral effect on rheology and provides the basic properties adhesion and workability, giving a high degree of formulation freedom. VINNACEL® 315 is part of our customized range, offering you the best-in-class solution for a wide variety of applications.



  • VINNACEL® 315 is adispersible polymer powder based on vinylacetate-ethylene.
  • VINNACEL® 315 is a polymeric binder and is ideal for modifying cementitious drymix mortars, especially tile adhesives.
  • It provides good workability adhesion and abrasion resistance.
  • VINNACEL® 315 contains a fine mineral filler as an antiblocking agent.
  • It is produced without the use of organic solvents, plasticizers and film-forming agents.
  • VINNACEL® 315has no effect on rheological properties and is a polymer powder in the medium Tg range.
  • It is suitable for formulating cementitious tile adhesive that feature good tensile adhesion strength.


For the production of ready-mixed dry mortars, such as adhesives and patching compounds, blend VINNACEL® 315 with the other dry ingredients in appropriate equipment. Temperatures should not be allowed to rise excessively during mixing because otherwise the dispersible polymer powder could agglomerate by virtue of its thermoplastic properties. The mortar is prepared for use by adding the recommended amount of water and mixing mechanically or by hand. Since hand mixing generates little shear force, we recommend allowing the fresh mortar to slake for 5 minutes and then stirring it again. This is usually unnecessary where mechanical mixers are employed.

For typical application fields of VINNACEL® 315 refer to the following application table. Please discuss additional applications with your WACKER customer representative. If VINNACEL® 315 is used in applications other than those mentioned, the choice, processing and use of VINNACEL® 315 is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All legal and other regulations must be complied with. Slight color variations of the dispersible polymer powder may occur without impairing the product's functionality.


25 kg paper bags


可再分散乳胶粉产品在储存期间必须进行防潮处理. 产品在高于30°C的温度下较长时间存放时, 尤其在此期间受压、受潮或受到日光照射后, 可能会出现结块现象. 产品在开封后应妥善地密封好后存放. 建议在仓库中存放可再分散乳胶粉产品, 并将其放置在阴凉干燥处. 可再分散乳胶粉产品的储存期不要超过六个月(自交付之日起算), 除非产品检测报告中规定了不同的日期(该日期优先适用). 如果可再分散乳胶粉产品被存放的时间超过了建议的期限, 该产品可能仍然可以使用, 但是在这种情况下, 我们建议客户在使用该产品前对产品的性能是否满足预期用途的要求进行检测.


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