ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC)

ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) is a hard dispersible polymer powder based on vinyl acetate and ethylene for very good tensile adhesion strength on inorganic surfaces combined with good workability. ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) contains a fine mineral filler as antiblocking agent. It is produced without the addition of organic solvents, plasticizers and film-forming agents.


ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) makes fresh concrete easier to process and pump because it reduces the frictional forces between cement and aggregates. The cohesive properties of ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) increase the sedimentation stability of concrete and specialty mortars, reducing bleeding and segregation. ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) has a plasticizing effect and reduces the water/cement ratio without compromising the concrete's workability. In hardened concrete, ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) improves adhesion, enhances flexural strength, and increases abrasion resistance. It does not impair the concrete's high ultimate strength. Concrete modified with ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) seals against pressing water, shows enhanced carbonation resistant and prevents the ingress of aggressive media into the mix. In combination with suitable foam-control agents, ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) also increases compressive and flexural strength.
ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) is a hard general-purpose powder and has no effect on rheological properties. It is eminently suitable for formulating compounds of high ultimate strength.
ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) may be added in powder form either to the dry concrete mix or the fresh mixed liquid concrete. Pumping and mixing cause the polymer powder to redisperse rapidly in the gauging water. Alternatively, ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) may first be mixed with gauging water and then added with it to the dry-mix or liquid concrete. Protracted stirring of the polymer/water mixture is apt to cause individual components to settle out, but brief mixing will produce a homogenous mixture again. The amount of ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) needed to modify concrete ranges from 2.5 - 10 wt. % relative to the quantity of cement. The amounts used in special applications such as mortar and cementitious coatings may be considerably higher. The exact amount will depend on the requirements profile.
Practical benefits ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) contains no water, so transport costs are less than for standard dispersions. Using ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) cuts system costs by reducing material consumption (e.g. rebound), time and labor. Overall, energy costs are reduced.
ETONIS® 7930 A (PRC) is suitable for modifying concrete, concrete repair, specialty mortar and soil treatment for infrastructure products, in particular for concrete repair applications in road, bridge and tunnel construction.


25 kg paper bags
Other sizes on request.


可再分散乳胶粉产品在储存期间必须进行防潮处理. 产品在高于30°C的温度下较长时间存放时, 尤其在此期间受压、受潮或受到日光照射后, 可能会出现结块现象. 产品在开封后应妥善地密封好后存放. 建议在仓库中存放可再分散乳胶粉产品, 并将其放置在阴凉干燥处. 可再分散乳胶粉产品的储存期不要超过六个月(自交付之日起算), 除非产品检测报告中规定了不同的日期(该日期优先适用). 如果可再分散乳胶粉产品被存放的时间超过了建议的期限, 该产品可能仍然可以使用, 但是在这种情况下, 我们建议客户在使用该产品前对产品的性能是否满足预期用途的要求进行检测.


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