WETSOFT® 150E CONC is a 70% active concentrated modified amino silicone that is water dilutable. WETSOFT® 150E CONC is a premier organo-functional modified hydrophilic silicone softener. WETSOFT® 150E CONC is an excellent hydrophilic silicone softener for a wide range of fabrics and other substrates, such as 100% cotton, poly/cotton blends, rayon, acrylic and wool. WETSOFT® 150E CONC is an efficient softener for nonwovens and toweling.

WETSOFT® 150E CONC is particularly suitable to produce softener micro emulsions by simple dilution of the concentrate. These emulsions can be used for the impregnation of fibers and textiles. WETSOFT® 150E CONC is particularly suitable as a hydrophilic softener for the impregnation of fibers and textiles when good wetting properties are desired. Maintaining the moisture absorption of the treated fiber WETSOFT® 150E CONC contributes to a high comfort factor of the textile. WETSOFT® 150E CONC imparts a soft, luxurious hand to woven and knitted fabrics, and is non-yellowing. WETSOFT® 150E CONC improves the wash-and-wear properties and sewability and tear strength and reduces abrasion loss. WETSOFT® 150E CONC has good durability up to 10 home laundries.


WETSOFT® 150E CONC has very little effect on the degree of white when usual application conditions are adhered to. As a rule, no adverse effect on the shade or color fastness properties of colored goods is observed.

3-10 g/l of WETSOFT® 150E CONC diluted to 20 - 30% solids are recommended for the pad method. For the exhaust method 1-3%, relative to the weight of goods, is adequate and the treatment should be carried out at 40-50°C for 15-20 minutes. The pH of the liquid should not exceed pH 5. It may need to be adjusted with acetic acid WETSOFT® 150E CONC can be applied either alone or together with resins and other finishing agents. WETSOFT® 150E CONC, when applied to nonwovens, such as thermalbonded polyester or spunbonded polypropylene at a 1.0% actives level the substrate is imparted with a soft, silky hand. WETSOFT® 150E CONC improves wetting of hydrophobic surfaces in the textile industry.


Typical recipe


Dilution to a 20% Microemulsion


Raw materials
1. 150 CONC 29.00%
2. Water 70.90%
3. Biocide 00.10%
It is recommended to use a tank with a sweep agitator
and a low shear mixer. Temperature should be kept at
15-30 °C.


1. Charge 1 and start slow agitation.
2. Charge 2 slowly. Mix well for 10 minutes.
3. Charge 3.
4. Mix until well blended.


The "Best use before end date" of each batch is shown on the Certificate of Analysis. Storage beyond the date specified on the Certificate of Analysis does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.


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