WACKER® HC 100 is a stable, VOC compliant, 50% actives silicone emulsion that reduces with water to form stable penetrating water repellent emulsions. WACKER® HC 100 was developed to treat a wide variety of mineral substrates including architectural concrete, concrete block, splitface block, pavers, stucco, porous and dense brick, clay tile, and exposed aggregate concrete. It has been found to be particularly effective in Do-It-Yourself (DIY) markets where good water repellency, beading, ease of use and stability are required.


WACKER® HC 100 is not recommended for below grade applications where hydrostatic pressure can be significant.


  • Provides excellent water repellency to reduce cracking, spalling, freeze / thaw damage, chemical degradation, biological growth, efflorescence, and dirt pickup, thereby lengthening substrate life maintenance costs
  • Provides excellent beading for improved aesthetics 
  • Superior storage stability including freeze/thaw stability for ease of use.
  • Low VOC emissions on curing; EPA compliant
  • Formulated to minimize darkening effects thus not changing substrate appearances
  • Good stability on highly alkaline surfaces for long term durability
  • Physically and chemically bonds to substrates increasing coating life and making cleaning easier, thereby reducing maintenance costs
  • Applications of WACKER® HC 100 are UV stable and resistant to biological degradation for longer service life leading to less cost for repetitive applications
  • Applications of WACKER® HC 100 are vapor permeable to resist cracking, peeling and blistering, and allowing carbonation to continue after coating application. This lengthens coating and substrate lives and allows for greater substrate structural strength over time
  • Applications of WACKER® HC 100 can improve adhesion of paints to mineral substances thus priming them for painting


All the information provided is in accordance with the present state of our knowledge. Nonetheless, we disclaim any warranty or liability whatsoever and reserve the right, at any time, to effect technical alterations. The information provided, as well as the product's fitness for an intended application, should be checked by the buyer in preliminary trials. Contractual terms and conditions always take precedence. This disclaimer of warranty and liability also applies particularly in foreign countries with respect to third parties' rights.

WACKER® HC 100 should be blended with water to achieve the desired concentration before application. Tap water may be acceptable for blending. However, due to the chemical variables in tap water, it is recommended that blended samples are tested prior to the use of tap water. Distilled or de-ionized water is recommended. Two coats of the solution should be applied using a "wet-on-wet" procedure to ensure complete coverage. WACKER® HC 100 emulsions can be applied by brushing, spraying or dipping. Maximum water repellency is realized in 72 hours depending on curing conditions. Beading generally improves over time.


For most applications dilution rates of 1:4 to 1:9 provide good performance depending on the absorbency of the substrate.


A test patch should be performed prior to general application with the customers approval to ensure that desired water repellency and appearance is achieved.




Substrates which are coated with WACKER® HC 100 at dilution rates of 1:3 or higher (125 ft2/gallon) are generally re-coatable with water and solvent borne paints. WACKER® HC 100 can be used as a primer to provide improved adhesion with paints on mineral substrates.


Clean Up


Thoroughly rinse application equipment with clean water.








WACKER® HC 100 must be disposed according to local, state and federal regulations. WACKER® HC 100 and it's dilutions should be treated as dilute solutions of "silicone resins" which are non-RCRA (Resource Conservation and Recovery Act) or nonhazardous wastes.

Surface Preparation


Surface preparation depends on substrate placement, type and strength, curing and finishing processes, age, condition, previous contamination, and the presence of previous coatings as well as the application of WACKER® HC 100. Surfaces should be clean from dust, dirt, oils, grease, curing compounds, other coatings, efflorescence, and laitance before applying WACKER® HC 100. Cleaning methods which are compatible with the application of WACKER® HC 100 include:


  • Mechanical - abrasive blasting (sand, baking soda, vacuum).
  • Chemical - acid etching, stripping, solvent de-greasing, caustic soda scrubbing, alkaline soap scrubbing, high pressure washing, high pressure washing with sand.
  • Heat - propane and acetylene torching.


If strongly acidic or caustic cleaning agents are used, neutralize the surface and completely wash to remove any residues. Before using any surface preparation method, a test patch should be performed with the customer's approval to ensure that their needs are met.


New concrete should be allowed to cure for at least 28 days before applying WACKER® HC 100. In addition, any repair work should be performed at least 3 days before WACKER® HC 100 is applied.


The "Best use before end date" of each batch is shown on the Certificate of Analysis. Storage beyond the date specified on the Certificate of Analysis does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.


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