JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE is particularly suitable as active substance in softener formulations for the impregnation of fibers and textiles.

JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE imparts a characteristic, soft and natural hand with low surface smoothness to woven and knitted fabrics.

JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE is a cationic silicone fluid specifically developed for applications with high shear forces. JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE self-disperses in the acidic pH range and can easily be diluted to concentrations suitable for application.

JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE formulations are low foaming, do not yellow on cellulosic fibers, and do not affect the thermomigration of dyes.

JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE can be used for all common fibers, such as polyester, cotton, polyamide and their blends.

Due to its resistance to shear forces, JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE can be applied on all conventional jet dyeing machines without causing stability or foaming problems.

Fabric treated with JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE can generally be overdyed, but preliminary trials are recommended.

Specific features of JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE

  • Concentrate
  • Dilutable with water


1. Without emulsifier


104 pbw diethyleneglycolmonobutylether

698,5 pbw demineralized water

9 pbw acetic acid 100 %

0,5 pbw biocide


2. Low emulsifier content


5 pbw acetic acid 100 %

9–10 pbw i-tridecyl-O-(EO)3 -H

240 – 650 pbw demineralized water

0,05 % biocide


Homogeneously mix JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE, the acetic acid and the emulsifier. While continuing to stir, add demineralized water until the required concentration is reached. The concentration will determine whether clear to slightly turbid solutions are obtained. To obtain a clear product, slightly higher amounts of emulsifier will be required in formulations with a low content of JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE .

In case of an incomplete and inhomogeneous mixing of JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE, acetic acid and emulsifier the formation of some small flakes during the following dilution with water is possible. They can easily be removed by filtration.



The application of JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE takes place at room temperature after the soaping and rinsing of the dyed fabric. It can be combined with the cationic aftertreatment of dyes for improving color fastness.

Acidic conditions should be maintained throughout the treatment by addition of acetic acid to the pad bath. To avoid a pH shift due to alkali washed out of the fabric, a suitable excess of acetic acid should be used.

Because of its cationic nature, JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE is not very compatible with anionic auxiliaries such as optical brighteners. Before using JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE with other auxiliaries in one bath, always test the compatibility. For jet application, we recommend using approx. 0.6 % JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE based on the weight of the fabric.


JETSOFT® CONCENTRATE is available in:





The 'Best use before end' date of each batch is shown on the product label. Storage beyond the date specified on the label does not necessarily mean that the product is no longer usable. In this case however, the properties required for the intended use must be checked for quality assurance reasons.

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