NEXIVA ® CT 714 is a dispersible polymer powder based on acrylate and styrene. It is designed as a co-binder or additive for powder-based paints and primers.


NEXIVA® CT 714 provides the following advantages to paint manufacturers:

  • Biocide free binder.
  • Allows the formulation of powder-based products.
  • No organic solvents, plasticizers, film forming agents needed in formulations.
  • Easier storage, no silo needed.
  • No skinning compared to liquid polymer dispersions.
  • Better workability under challenging climatic

NEXIVA ® CT 714 is recommended as co-binder and additive for various applications such as interior architectural paints and primers due to its good binding power, rheological and dispersing properties and good re-dispersibility in water.


NEXIVA® CT 714 can be mixed together with the other solid raw materials of the dry formulation. For the production of ready-to-use paint, we recommend adding NEXIVA® directly to the mill base, just as is the case with the filler. After the powder is mixed with water, it should ideally be applied immediately. It may be necessary to add biocides to the water-mixed powder if the powder has not been used for a prolonged period of time before application.

If the product is used in applications other than those mentioned, the choice, processing and use of it is the sole responsibility of the purchaser. All legal and other regulations must be complied with.

Slight color variations of the polymer granulate may occure without impairing the product's functionality.


25 kg paper bags


During storage, protect the product from contact with moisture. Prolonged storage at temperatures above 30 °C, especially in combination with pressure, humidity or exposure to sunlight, may result in blocking. Carefully seal any open containers and store them under suitable conditions. We recommend storing the product in a warehouse that provides cool and dry conditions. Do not store the product for more than six months, starting from the date at which it was received, unless the Certificate of Analysis contains a different date, which would take precedence. If the product is stored longer than recommended, it may still be used but users are advised to verify the properties required for the intended use.

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