DEHESIVE® SFX 251 AMA®  is a solvent-free, addition-curing silicone fluid. It is designed for release applications and applied with additional components on paper and filmic substrates.


  • Superior cure properties of DEHESIVE® SFX 251 AMA® provide fast cure even in low temperature applications
  • Suitable for coating heat activated label stock and polyethylene films
  • Extremely flat release profile
  • Very good release stability
  • Low level of silicone mist at high coating speeds
  • Suitable for inline and offline lamination  processes

Spezifische Merkmale von DEHESIVE® SFX 251 AMA®

  • lösemittelfrei
  • Polymer

DEHESIVE® SFX 251 AMA® is part of multicomponent release coating to produce paper and filmic release liners, which are used for single and double-sided self-adhesive laminates.



Mixing order:

1. First pour in CRA® modifier in case CRA® is used.

2. Add DEHESIVE® SFX 251 AMA® in several portions and stir slowly until the mixture is homogeneous.

3. Thoroughly stir in crosslinker. 

4. Slowly stir in catalyst. Local over-concentrations must be avoided.

Make sure that catalyst poisons are avoided in batch preparation and processing steps. 

Compounded batches may emit small amounts of hydrogen, but only for a short time. Storage in ventilated containers is recommended to avoid pressure formation.

Coating :

Modern coating systems are particularly effective with DEHESIVE® systems. The batch is best added directly to the nip of the coating unit.

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