VINNEVA® LC 4977 (ULS) has excellent elongation, adhesion, flexibility and heat resistant properties for the use in most bitumen emulsions.

VINNEVA® LC 4977 (ULS) is compatible with most anionic and cationic bitumen emulsions. It is also compatible with an assortment of other latexes and other modifiers as well as the other VINNEVA® dispersions.


  •     Decreased drying times
  •     Reduced residual tack
  •     Increased adhesion and wear resistance
  •     Higher resistance to hydraulic pressure
  •     Improved adhesion and increased durability
  •     Solvent free
  •     Highly compatible with bitumen emulsions
  •     Excellent elongation and elastic recovery
  •     Reduces or even eliminates the need for ammonia and acrylic thickeners

Due to its high adhesion to concrete, improved elongation and faster drying times VINNEVA® LC 4977 (ULS) can be applied in various bitumen emulsion applications like bituminous coatings, damp proofing and any other kind of bituminous liquid applied membrane system.

Verpackung / Gebinde

  • 200 Kg Steel drum
  • 220 Kg Steel drum
  • 1 MT IBC
  • 1.1 MT IBC
  • 1 MT Returnable tote
  • Flexi bag.
  • Tank lorry


When the dispersion is stored in tanks, proper storage conditions must be maintained. VINNEVA® LC 4977 (ULS) has a shelf life of 9 months from the date of manufacture if stored in the original, unopened containers at temperatures between 5 and 40 °C. Iron or galvanized-iron equipment and containers are not recommended because the dispersion is slightly acidic. Corrosion may result in discoloration of the dispersion or its blends when further processed. Therefore the use of containers and equipment made of ceramics, rubberized or enameled materials, appropriately finished stainless steel, or plastic (e.g. rigid PVC, polyethylene or polyester resin) is recommended.

As polymer dispersions may tend to superficial film formation, skins or lumps may be formed during storage or transportation. A filtration process is thus recommended prior to utilization of the product. If the product is stored for a longer period, stirring is recommended before use.


Preservation for Transport, Storage and further Processing


VINNEVA® LC 4977 (ULS) is adequately preserved during transportation and storage if kept in the original, unopened containers. However, if it is transferred to storage tanks, the dispersion should be protected against microbial attack by adding a suitable preservative package.


Measures should also be taken to ensure cleanliness of the tanks and pipes. In unstirred tanks, a layer of preservative-containing water should be sprayed onto the surface of the dispersion to prevent the formation of unwanted skin and possible attack by microorganisms. The thickness of this water layer should be < 5 mm for low viscosity dispersions and up to 10–20 mm for high viscosity products. Proper procedures – periodic tank cleaning and sanitization – must be set up in order to prevent microbial attack. Contact your biocide representative/supplier for further plant hygiene recommendations. Measures should be taken to ensure that only clean air enters the tank when the dispersion is removed.


Finished products manufactured from polymer dispersions usually also require preservation. The type and scope of preservation will depend on the raw materials used and the anticipated sources of contamination. The compatibility with other components and the efficacy of the preservative should always be tested in the respective formulation. Preservative manufacturers will be able to advise you about the type and dosage of preservative required. If the product is stored for a longer period, stirring is recomended before use.

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